3 Storms In Atlantic Sea - See
God gives and also takes away! 3
religions - Catholic - Protestant &
. You can see the
black rear-end of the Church
God is kicking out into the ocean
of time and his black Satan is
seen pushing her black rear end
and her
red head out seen as
once a good star, notice star.
God says ... Out you go your time is over you "3"
Churches gone down the drain ... Catholic ...
Protestant ... Pentecostal ...
Big mouth Trump &
God shows the Red Headed Scarlet Church of Revelation 17:1-7 ... 1 + 7 + 1 + 7 = "16" hundred Penn.,
Ave., Washington DC. The top right shows the "3" storms in the Atlantic Sea ... See of time as God
shows he is using Satan and Trump to kick out this once good fishing Church who has turned into a
Dog-Pig-Goat Church of the last days ... 2 Peter 2:20-22 ... adding the 2's as 2's equals "22" the end of
the Bible for a once good fishing Church who as turned into a PIG Money Church now on its way
down into the sea of time!
Notice her money is getting ready to fly away!
Donald John Trump 45 is riding today, the third
head of the Apocalypse seen in Revelation
We add 6 x 7 x 8 =
"21" equals the last chapter and
verse of the Holy Bible ... Revelation
22:21 added
again is
"7" Churches sinking down into the SEA of

Left I show another volcano God shows about
Donald John Trump 45 with his white haired head
coming out from the Abyss, hell if you will! Left of
his white hair God shows the black face of Satan
who is with him! Under the two heads of Satan and
Trump you can see the horse of Revelation
6:7-8 ...
the Pale Horseman of DEATH riding out today
in no uncertain terms!
Pale Horse of Death
Black Satan & Trump
There are "3" images ahead of the Pale Horseman of DEATH ... they tie into the "3" Churches, Roman
Catholic .... Protestant and Pentecostal. Notice the white third head is a ghost with two black eyes ...
the ghost Churches of today! Following Pale Rider Death Trump is hell which follows him!
Left God shows the old Indian war bow in his heavens
coming in soon and suddenly to this old Indian nation!
It looks like the unhappy face of Almighty God ...
notice his two black eyes above his unhappy mouth!

Below God's unhappy mouth ... the war bow is now on
the way and below this God says ...
I am at the end of
my Rope ... it is finished
! I am taking out the GOAT
Church and fire will consume them! You can see the
man on fire and the fire looks like the Goat head
Churches of today soon to burn. Notice left the two
horns and below its mouth is the Billy Goat Beard, the
Church soon to be on fire!
The Die ... Death has been cast as God shows
in his awesome Open Visions from his last day
second Moses Prophet today ... yours truly

Below the Goat Church getting ready to burn
you can see a tropical storm over second Jer-
USA-lem on election day a few years ago! It
shows yours truly blowing this Jesus' Trumpet
from the West Coast side of second
USA-lem and Jesus' head hitting this bald
Eagle nation in its head killing it over the state
of Florida!
Below my face left is another open
vision picture of my in-home care
lady Pam pushing me in my
wheel-chair that God shows in
cloud form. You can plainly see me
looking foreword wearing my cap as
the center of this storm from
heaven with my Trumpet pointing
downward from Heaven to the
people below telling them it is
finished! Notice Pam pushing me
from behind wearing dark glasses.
Notice the man in front looking up
from below also wearing dark
Left God shows from
another cloud in his
heavens his face looking
left and his last day Moses
Prophet right of his face
showing the large capital
letter "P" for Prophet and
also "P" for Paul. You can
vaguely see the large
capital letter
"P" the man
who speaks tor God today!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire -
Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle
Prophet Paul Gerig ...