3rd Beast Trump Ties Up USA!
Third beast Trump 45 ties up second Jer-
USA-lem and then walks away as God
shows on the right with the golden bulls
Red eye on his large belly walking out!
God shows this from a large storm on the East Coast of this second Jer-USA-lem today not long
ago. This big mouth of Isaiah
"66:6" God is using to take down his Enemy goat Church of today
and after he has done his job God takes all "3" out ... the other two President men, Clinton 42 and
Bush 43 all born in year "4
6" ... "666." God shows all three beast president men from this nation,
as the
"3" pale riders of DEATH in Revelation "6:7-8" with hell following close behind today.

Trump 45 was born month
"6" ... Bush 43 was born month "7" ... Clinton 42 was born month "8" ...
now we see the "3" Pale horsemen of DEATH all riding out and the third one is the one with the
largest mouth, beast Donald Trump who ushers in nuclear war with Russia and brings in the foot
soldiers from China!
The bear Russia is now raising to life as also seen above in
cloud form from Almighty God. This nations enemy, Putin of
Russia has Trump on a rope today
(The rope is in Putin & Trumps
hand as God snows)
pulling the strings for them as they
manipulate Trump of the USA
& bringing in nuclear war.

God also shows this rope in cloud form below. This rope is also
going to hang the sleeping Church of Matthew 25:6-7 seen far
left below Putin of Russia also using this rope manipulating
Trump! The hanging of
JUDAS is here again ... "What was before
will be again and what is now was before, there is nothing new
under the sun
" ... Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19 ... same numbers in
the OT and NT. This ties into the
Money Judas Church of today!
God is showing in no uncertain terms,
"Your end has come and
will be no more as it was ... I am at the end of my ROPE!
One of the last things my 80 year old
father told me was,
"Paul I am at the
end of my rope
." Number "8" refers to
a new beginning! Father God today is
saying the same thing ... it is finished!
The Boiling pot is
boiling big time in
Washington DC today! I
have been attack by
someone I know well
about Obama being the
last president of this
nation that never came
about as we all see in
part as the Bible tells
us. Now look to the
right seeing Obama
with his head in the
The woman Judas Church hangs
herself seen in a tattoo with skull...
corner part of the last days and Trump is the last. This is why God shows the Hand Writing is burned
out on the Wall! God shows us this also in Daniel 2; "41-42-43-44-45" showing us the last "5"
presidents when he drops his huge ROCK Jesus Christ down on this nation and sets up his 1000
year kingdom on earth never to be run again by man who has struck out "3" times, Adam, Jews and
now Gentiles.

How many Ministries do you Know showing messages like this last day God's Ministry, in burned out
rock form?
What is happening today in Washington DC? The two parties are at war among
themselves ...
a Civil War in the White House is under way!  God is showing the last President in
66:6 born in year "46" taking down his enemy Churches of today. These Churches say Satan
is the god of numbers, a lie straight from hell as they all say! I hear no-one using these last day
numbers from God and using the phase, second Jer-

The hand writing above is on the wall of
Daniel 5:25. We add this twice, 5 + 2 = "7" Churches! We
add again 5 + 5 =
"10" sleeping "7" Churches soon to wake up from a long nap sleeping with the
devil of our souls, Satan and committing adultery on their husband, Jesus Christ! Now you know why
God is angry with his fishing Church gone the way of the
PIG-DOG-Goat Churches of today seen in 2
Peter 2:20-22.
We add just the 2's as they show, and they point to the "10" sleeping Virgins
Churches of today who has returned to their own vomit and wallowing in the mud, the man
Churches of today!

We see Black Obama 44 the only Black president ever to set behind the steering wheel of this
House nation
. I was wrong when I said he was the last president, but later the Lord showed me I was
wrong but today God is showing him in a corner above looking out to the right seeing exactly
nothing while the Golden Billionaire Beast Trump sets over the
Boiling Pot of Old Jeremiah, the sign
of God's  last day Prophet ...
John Paul the second Jeremiah Gerig!

Jeremiah's lot fell on me one day after Mother died in "
1985." Jeremiah's calling came out from
mother's Bible of Jeremiah
"1:5." My sister Grace took mother's Bible from my hand after this Bible
was given to me one day after mother went to be with the Lord. She opened it and took out a piece
of paper mother had written out Jeremiah's calling and handed it to me saying,
"Paul this is for you."

I wept at the time and for years later when I would think about this time. God is showing above
setting below Billionaire Beast Trump 45, the Boiling Pot of old Jeremiah is now boiling to the point
in Washington DC today, along with Putin of Russia he is looking at today and the soon coming in
nuclear war with
PUTIN of Russia! All three beast men are wearing the tail of the horsemen of war.

Notice Obama with his black beastly tail sticking in the golden pony tail of Billionaire Trump who has
shut down second Jer-
USA-lem today tighter than a drum. Now look at the same type of Pony tail on
Putin of Russia, as we are now in the
Horsemen of the Apocalypse without a shadow of a doubt as
God shows his hand writing is on the wall today! Daniel 5:25 for this last day eagle bird Churchy
nation of second Jer-
USA-lem now in the process of going down the toilet of time!
Paul Jeremiah's Boiling Pot very hot Today
Left God looking
down at Trump
smoking a pipe
ready to Burn.
Lastly, I show this Eagle Bird nation going down the drain of time
by Almighty God as he shows this from his sandy beach without
a shadow of a doubt!

Below this is a tropical Storm over this nation on election day a
few years ago, showing his last day
Paul Jeremiah Gerig Ministry
over the West Coast where I live speaking out from my open
mouth telling the world that Jesus is coming and hitting this bald
eagle nation in its head killing it, seen in God's high clouds.

Right of this is a cloud picture I took from my car when driving
into Klamath ...
soon to fall USA Oregon. You can see some years
ago this message has been on my heart and is now getting
ready to crash ... this last day Eagle Bird is now coming down!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...