3 Naked Pigs - Sliding Out
This is what the sleeping Churches of
today are in for ...
their fun slide takes
them into hot water ... fire
! This is what
they are soon to see coming down off
this Pig Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22 into
the hot fiery ocean of punishment
before any can see God! God made
this rock looking like the head of the
Pig Church that he is now ready to
push into the ocean of purification!
Noah's day was
with water and
today second
Noah's day is with
Fire that burns up
all the garbage
this last day
Church has taken
to herself as she
enjoys the world,
her second jesus!
Wake Up! Its almost Midnight ... Matthew 25:6-7. "Wake Up
O' Sleeping Church
" ... is a book I wrote and published in
1991 of over 300 pages and 19 Chapters but little good did
it do to today's sleeping Churches for it is still just a game
with them. The News from here and around the world is
saying the same thing,
"Wake Up your days are all over of
having fun O' Sleeping Church!
 Where will you end up,
comfortable in heaven or swimming in fiery hell. Adam had
2000 years, the Jews had 2000 years and now the Gentiles
are at the end of their 2000 years added
together with Adam and the Jews number  
6000 years on God's earth
is now over!

Today is not the time for a marshmallow
roast but the time for roasting the pigs of 2
Peter 2:20-22 ...
a pig roast ... a weeny roast
to a sleeping Church who soon wakes up
and some will repent while others do not
repent and go to hell for eternity.

Below the soon to be roasting Pig Church,
you can see them also as Chickens who do
not, and did not share the message of
Salvation to a lost gone to hell world ...
strickly a fun Church today!  My Bible says,
broad is the road that leads to hell and
many are those who go there
, but NARROW
IS THE ROAD leading to Salvation and few
are those who find it!
The Chickens are
many but the true saints of God are very,
very few!

The Chicken Church are soon to be seen
below the Pigs above, soon to be on the
fiery spit. Below the 25  Chickens of
Matthew 25 verses
"6-7" you can see this
Scarlet ... Red headed woman Church also
seen today in Revelation
17:1-8 ... the
scarlet, red headed woman Church who has
messed up the entire world, read it

This is also where the beast, Bill Clinton 42
the first head of the Lion beast Clinton was
born ... Leo the Lion month of August
... the "42"nd
president and George W.
Burning Bush 43 came out from
and both
go after the soon to be roasting Church

Notice below the Scarlet,
Red headed
woman Church looking to the right
... notice
her dark eyes wearing dark glasses soon to
be on
FIRE and going into the Ring of Fire
from Almighty God to be cleaned up!

Below this burning Ring of Fire we see the
Pig ... Chicken ... Dog Churches of today
seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22 soon to be howling
because the
FIRE of Purification is coming
from the Russian Bear seen right of these
Dog ... Pig ... Chicken Churches of today.
Jesus rides at the head of his army and his
forces are beyond number ... Amos 2:11. A
few verse prior shows the nuclear missiles
coming over the mountain tops and every
face turns pale!

Number "11" ... verse "11" is the number of
Jesus Christ who has "11" letters in his
and Jesus rides ahead of Russia,
China and the other nations soon to come
against this last day Babylonian churchy
nation! Just before this happens we see
below the Dog Church and the Bear Russia
in white cloud form from God Almighty ...
taking out his 144,000 true overcoming
saints seen in Revelation 14:1-5 and Luke
. Notice them flying away to heaven
and they stand before the Son of Man ... a
must to read
Pig head Church rock going
into the fiery sea of time.
The fiery Barbecue of time ... Hell
Naked Pig Church of 2
Peter 2:20-22 slides down
into the Abyss ... notice
nose goes first.
Naked woman Church its over
check the time its almost midnight
This is what Peter says to the pig Church today
your soon to be on the spit and roasted ...
Above is St. Paul of Oregon seen on this
Oregon map close to where I grew up as a
child until I was "19" years of age. The
white map of Oregon shows me in red,
looking at the Solar Eclipse going over my head ... the area this Eclipse began, and leaving at the
other end of this nation in South Carolina. Tnis Solar Eclipse means,
"A new begining is coming."
Notice how the map people put the small county of St. Paul above together. They show a Red Ring
around my eye with my mouth wide open. Below my face and chest you can see the
GREY bears of
Russia and China moving in over this
PIG HEAD nation and CHURCH covering its EYE and this PIG
CHURCH of today can see nothing! Notice this PIGS mouth is wide open soon to happen ...
screaming out bloody murder. This is the PIG Churches of today who still swim with a fish tail but
preach lies to this nation and also to the whole world seen in Revelation 17:1-8.
Left, God shows this DOG Church and behind its head
and nose you can see the
ring of fire for real. Left of
the dog showing fire coming from God, is a blue
automobile. Blue touches on the
Blue Dog Goat
going into the fire with GeOrGe W. Burning
Bush behind them seen below.

Jesus said, the goats will be on the left, meaning
Judgment! Notice they are seen here in
BLUE ... and
my sheep will be on my right, meaning
Mercy. Notice
the blue Goats shown by God in smoke and
form talking to the second head of the two
headed lion and fire burning BUSH
. Notice
Red Pants Burning Bush you can see
SKULL over his head for he belongs to
"SKULL & BONES" secret society who
goes after these
Goat - Dog - Pig
Churches soon and suddenly
. Notice in
the white head of George Burning Bush
43, you can see a black microphone that
both the goat Churches and the beast are
talking to the whole world seen in
Revelation 17:1-8 and telling them lies.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope
world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul ...
Today's Goat
Churches soon
to be blue.
<-----Red Pants G.W.
Burning Bush ...
<---Skull & Bones Bush
Blue Dog Goats in Ring of Fire ...
144,000 Overcomers
flying away to
heaven ...
Man's face--->
Red headed woman Church goes into ring of fire