3 Horsemen Of Apocalypse
All three horses of the Apocalypse are soon to be riding full bore
as God is showing top left. The Dog Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22 are
soon to be howling when the bears of Russia and China moves in
spitting fire from their mouths. God shows these beasts of today
as black in cloud form on the left. The "3" beasts riding these "3"
horses are
White, Red and Black seen in Revelation 6:1-6. The
next verse "7" touches on the
Pale Rider of DEATH going after
the "7" Dog Churches of Matthew 25:6-7 soon to wake up. This is
spoken about in Revelation
"6:7-8" that ties to "3" beast men that
came out from the White House of this second Jer-
nation, Clinton 42, Bush 43 and Trump 45 as all "3" were born year
6" ... 666 and months "6-7-8."
The "4"th horseman is the pale rider seen in Revelation "6:7-8" the "3" past presidents and you
will see these "3" beast Presidents born months
"6"-"7"-"8." Now I wonder who designed this
to show the beasts of the
"666" if not Almighty God? God also said in Isaiah "66:6" that he was
taking down his Enemies in these temples in the cities! Who is God using to do this deed? He is
using the beast who really hate
s Christianity in any form and all three claim to be Christians. All "3'
are money men!

We Read Isaiah 65:11-15 ... added singularly is
"19" the first head of the beast Bill Clinton #42 who
was born on Leo the Lion month of
August "19" ... "1946" the first "6" of the "666." They spend with
money on wine that they might drink. You will leave your NAME to my chosen ones as a CURSE, the
Lord will put you to death, but to his servants he will give ANOTHER NAME.

Revelation 2:17 states about these who receive another name. No one will know who they are
except Almighty God! They will receive a white stone with a new name written on it known ONLY to
those who receive it, read it. This ties into the 144,000 of Revelation 14:1-5 that is also seen in old
Egypt still without a top and some people stole the 144,000 white stones that once covered this
great pyramid that is a sign for today.

The top in signs is Jesus Christ soon to come into his kingdom and sets down on God's great
Pyramid, the capstone soon to take his place seen in Zechariah 4:7
with shouts of God Bless it ...
God Bless it
... read it! We add Zechariah 4:7 ... 4 + 7 = "11" as Jesus Christ has "11" letters in his
, and Zechariah and Zerubbabel both refers to Father God as he is the first and the last of his
Numbering and Alphabet  system, number
"19" and also "A and Z."
Left and below are
"3" horses God
shows in cloud form
running right
Left is from God's Hubble telescope showing
the beast of above is coming in with arms in
the air coming after the
Red Headed Scarlet
Church of Revelation 17:1-8
. Notice the center
a little to the right, you can see his two eyes
wearing a silver hat with a large knife in his
mouth. You can see both his arms waving in
the air and his body is seen below as the body
of a serpent swirling to the left.

Below this is another Open Vision of the beast
on top of the Red headed scarlet woman
Church of today cutting off her head,  you can
see her head falling to the ground. You can
see her with a big head as she is today big
headed and you can see her neck about with
the large letter "C" for today's Church

We add these "3" beast men together like this
and we see the end of days, today, 4 + 2 + 4 + 3
+ 4 + 5 = number
"22" also the Prophet who is
exposing them as also Leo the Lion born
"22" the last chapter of the Holy Bible,

God's Leo the Lion end time Prophet is
number "22" and Satan's Leo the Lion beast is
"19" as both were born on these two days and
is seen in Isaiah
"2" ... meaning "2" men, the
first one
"19" is from Satan, and the second
one is from God ...
"22" at the end of days
today. This speaks of the
Red Headed Woman
soon to be heading for the rocks and
holes in the ground from the dread of the
Lord and the Splendor of His Majesty when he
rises to shake the earth real soon and
suddenly seen in the Open Vision below about
one mile from my home seen in rock form
burned out by God.

I outlined the woman heading into the rocks in
my Adobe Photo section of my computer. Left
of her head you can see the head of a pig
looking down as all I did was put the writing
over this Pig headed Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22
and God did the rest. Above and right of this
scarlet Church of today, you can see the legs
of the Lion coming down going after this
Church of today who will soon be heading into
the rocks to hide from God.

Below this last day dog and pig church hiding
in the rocks from God, we see below the Open
Vision seen above it, showing this Lions legs,
and here we see where the Lion comes out
from, the mouth of old George Washington
White-house ... Bill Clinton of Leo the Lion
month of August
"19." God's number is "19"
and Satan is also using God's number and God
is also using the sign of Bill Clinton born on
Leo the Lion month as Noah's Ark, as he was
Governor of Little Rock ... little jesus ... Ark-
ansas ... Satan's little rock!

Notice the two war horses of Russia and China
coming in and hitting the gay forehead of old
George and pushing out from George's
mouth, the Lion going after todays Church.
Left we see Bill born August "19" and this
number is ahead of his chest seen left.

Clinton is seen as rich golden hair Bill coming
down cutting off the heads of the
naked red
haired Churches of today
as seen below Bill
with her head on the chopping block. I
outlined this naked woman's left arm as the
top of the stump she has her head laying
across today,
ready to be cut off ... cut off the
headship of Satan from God's last day naked ...
red headed woman Church of Revelation
17:1-8 who has corrupted the whole world.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
<------Red Head Church
Three beast men
coming into action
Bill 42 - Geo. 43 -
Trump 45