3 Eyed Snake - Washington DC
Found in a foreign country is a 3 eyed snake as
seen above that ties into
"3" presidents of
today! The first one is Bill Clinton 42, the second
is George Bush 43 and the third is Donald Trump
45!  We add in God's awesome numbering
system and we see this: 42 + 43 + 45 = "130." We add the other way ...42 added is "6" ... 43 added is
"7" and 45 added is "9" and "6 + 7 + 9 = "22" as number "22" means the end, the end of the Holy
Bible Revelation
"22" the last chapter of God's Bible. This is also the day this last day Leo the Lion
Prophet of Almighty God yours truly was born August

Number 13 is the number of Witchcraft! We drop the zero and we see "13" the snake with "3"
eyes referring to "3" Snake Presidents! Next we see a new beginning coming in of 2018 on August
"21"  one day before my birthday of August "22." Now we see God showing the end of his Holy
Bible ... Revelation
22:21. We add 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus 1 equals "7" equals "67." Today we are
leaving the "6"th Millennium going into the "7"th Millennium ...

This Solar Eclipse refers to a New Beginning! This Solar Eclipse came into this nation over the West
coast of New Port where I lived close to in 1955. It went over the Capital city of Salem, Oregon and a
couple of miles east of Salem was the small county of St. Paul close to the area I grew up as a child.
Left is a map of Oregon and the red area is
St. Paul. The map people enlarged the Red
area of St. Paul and put a red ring around my
eye with my mouth wide open in amazement. I
have a lady friend of mine who got in touch
with me some 8 years ago who lives in
Paul, MN.
She had told me some years ago
that St. Paul in the middle 1800's was called
"PIGS EYE" but changed to St. Paul. Now hold
onto your pants for God is showing in this
Open Vision of St. Paul, the
Russia and Chins
coming down from the
north and covering the
EYE of this gone PIG
nation and Church!
Below the Grey Bear of Russia and China covering the eye of this gone PIG Nation and Church who
see nothing, is the Fish Church seen as a
PIG CHURCH today with their mouths wide open telling lies
to the people and still swimming with the tail of the FISH, as the Church was once a
FISH Church now
gone into a
PIG CHURCH!  (Notice the fish tail of this Church of today, their large black noes and
black mouth telling lies to the once fish Church who has now turned into a

This Solar Eclipse left St. Paul Oregon and went out from this second Jer-
USA-lem nation at South
 I received a phone call from a prophet in South Carolina about 20 years ago who had
received one of my books showing the end of days. He called me back in half an hour and asked me
right off the bat while we were on long and short-wave radio ...
"Who is the Beast?" At the time
this first head of the Beast was Bill Clinton 42 and then I said,
Russia will nuclear bomb this nation
which is now getting ready to happen!
We spoke on the air for half an hour and when we hung up I
reached for my Bible and it opened to Revelation 8:1 ...
"Heaven was silent for about half an
It was about "8" years ago when this
huge storm Pam on the left happened.
God shows yours Truly on the top left
side my face looking at you, and the
face of a Lion, yours truly below, born
on Leo the Lion month of August
You can see where the Map people
put the rocks below this huge storm
cloud and on the bottom pointing to
this ministry looking at you. Right of
my face you can see God put in cloud
form, the two capital letters
"SC" for
South Carolina
where this Solar
Eclipse left this second Jer-
nation.  Below is another picture of
this storm showing my in-home care
nurse lady Pam pushing me in a
wheel-chair that she has done many
times. Pam is my nurse who used to go
to Church but stopped some years
You can see Pam pushing me while I blow this last day
Trumpet from God's heavens to the people below also seen
in Revelation 14 verses
"6-7." Blowing this end time trumpet
at the last hour of Judgment today and born
"6" of "7"
Children in a preacher home in year "34" ... added preaching
this awesome message from my last and final
"3"rd Angel
flying in mid-air Angel website.

What happened in this Open Vision left? I put this photo from
the Internet into my Adobe Photo section of my computer and
tried to replace the outside of Pam on top left pushing me as
I blow this trumpet from high heaven to the people below
when this white and blue happened. Right of me you can see
in BLUE ... the people soon to be blue looking me in the face.
As this Ministry is blowing this awesome message today to
the whole world at judgment time! You can see Pam left of my
head wearing a cap, and she is wearing dark glasses as she
does when the sun is out bright.
Left was a huge Tropical storm over this
nation on Election day af few years ago. You
can see Prophet Paul blowing this Jesus
Trumpet today loud and clear over the West
Coast where I live with the Jesus Trumpet to
my lips and the head of God-Jesus hitting this
bald eagle nation in its head soon and killing
her. Notice this happening over the state
below of Florida, the third head of the three
eyed beast, Donald John Trump 45 who says
Florida is his favorite state of the Union.

Below is a strom Cloud from Almighty God
over the freeway in Florida ... Trumps favorite
state who soon causes these nuclear bombs
which are now on there way in! Notice God
shows the window for this to happen is

Now hold onto your hat as you can see in this
window now open in cloud form from God
Almighty, is the word
"Church."  'O' sleepng
Church you are about to recieve your fire
baptism from fire God who is the third
... Atom!
 Remember it was Almighty God who
created all things, not a mother nature but
Almighty God who I serve today willingly!  

This second Jeremiah ministy has many
tossing mud at me just like first Jeremiah
when the Jews tossed him down a dry well
into mud. This means the same thing today.  

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope
world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul
Gerig ...   
Storm Pam & Paul
Pam &