"3" Beasts Of Isaiah "66:6"
God is using "3" beast Presidents
of second Jer-
USA-lem to take
down the
"3" Churches of today
who has become enemies of God,
seen in Isaiah
"66:6." All "3"
came out from the Churches.

Bill 42 came first, a Democrat seen in a volcano from God with his
head laying sideways looking to the right with the Horses head
below his head. God shows he is the head of the horsemen now
riding in the Apocalypse. The next Vision also came from God in a
fire in California, showing the next President to ride was Republican
George W. Burning Bush God shows in fire form, fire burning Bush.
The next Open Vision shows Burning Bush with the first
king beast, the little rock, Clinton who was once governor
Little Rock, Ark ... ansas. Bill is seen here as the little ark
of his god, Satan. Next is the golden billionaire Donald duck
Trump who today is stirring the pot and soon fiery nuclear
war breaks out with the Russian bear. Today the Red Pants
Burning Bush is talking to the goat Churches of today soon
to disappear from the picture. Notice over
Burning Bushes
head is the skull head of a beast that Bush belongs to,
Skull & Bones secret society of the NWO ... Illuminati
To you Churchy people of these last days who say numbers are of Satan, as Numbers control the
entire creation of Almighty God and not Satan, we see God using numbers to show the world who the
three beast president men are today and the third one is standing in the White House ready to pull
the pin. These "3" beast men are seen in Isaiah
"66:6" that God is using to take out the "3"
Churches of today who are not following him, but following Satan!

"3" beast presidents were born in year "46" ... "666." Next, we go in reverse ... Trump born in
month "6" ... Bush in month "7" and Clinton in month "8" and we see
"6-7-8." You may say, "So
?" These "3" men of Satan are seen riding the Pale Horse of DEATH!  Where do we see this?
We see it in Revelation
"6:"7-8." Now I wonder who had the Bible written ... was it Satan or was it
God? I wonder who had these men all born on the same year and now showing who they are today as
Pale riders of DEATH in the months they were all born?
Close to my old home in the wilderness of 28
years, God shows in burned out rock form
this second head of the beast with his head
in a corner ... George W. Burring Bush
hiding behind the cross of Jesus Christ in a
BUSH. Notice the cross in the BUSH and
hiding his identity from the people of today
before hell is opened up on earth. Now we
see the "3" heads, Bush top left, and the
other two heads of this lion beast, Clinton
and Trump both looking to the right in the
picture/ Above this picture in cloud form
which I took myself, shows Satan riding his
horse looking down on the picture today.

Goats eat bushes and trees! Left is another
sign of George W. Bush eating trees close
to my old home in the wilderness. This large
rock shows burned out by Almighty God, the
head of the goat ... G.W. Burning Bush
swallowing the baby Churches going down
the throat of Burning Bush as pointed out.
This is also seen in Judges 9:14-15. The
thorn bush is G.W. Burning Bush 43 soon to
be eating the trees, the Churches of today.

Not far from the head of the goat left, is
Bush in another picture in rock form of
GeOrGe Bush the Gog seen on the top of
Bushes hat that ties to Ezekiel 38 ... George
W. Bush who also has "11" letters in his
name as Ezekiel 38 added is also "11" ...
shows Bush pulling in the head of the Lion,
Bill Clinton. Left of the tree you can see the
head of the beast, Bill Clinton 42 and below
my words, Tree Prophet ... you can see in
rock form the large letters of LION that I put
below the rocks showing LION.

All three of these last Open Visions were
close to my home in the wilderness for 28
years, that ties 2 + 8 = "10" sleeping virgins
of today ready to disappear from the picture
as they are today.

God's Ring of Fire -  Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...