3 Beasts of 2nd Jer-USA-lem!
Top picture is
Lying Lion Beast
Trump looking to
the right the star
of Satan.

The Star
between the
Lion head and
sheep is also
Lying Lion
Trump 45.

Below the sheep
Trump is the
man Trump  
looking left,  you
can see his
forehead, noes
and chin.
The Middle Beast
and the far right
beast are the other
two beast men of the
666 as both call
themselves good
Christians Clinton 42
and Bush 43.

Left is the smaller
one seen in the
darker color ...
George W. Bush who
claims to be a good
Christian but is a
gross liar instead. He
is see here with his
front paw on Bill
Clinton and his hind
leg hanging down
along with his
beastly tail. These 2
and all 3 are tied to
the wolf head left.

<-----Wolf Head
The Tail end of these "3" wolves
I took this image of the "3" headed Lion ... Lying Wolf Beast, Trump 45 ... Clinton 42 and Bush 43
from God's Hubble space telescope today
Sunday 6/30/2019. Using numbers from God's awesome
numbering system we see this ... 4 + 2 + 4 + 3 + 4 + 5 =
"22." Now we add the date today, Sunday
the day of worship most Christians go to their sleeping Churches and we see this: 6 + 3 + 2 + 1 + 9 =
"21." Now what do we see? We see the end of God's Holy Bible ... Revelation 22:21.
Left God shows from St. Paul Oregon a small
county a few miles east of the Capital ...
Salem, Oregon and close to where I grew up
as a child. The large white map is the State of
Oregon and the red part the map people put
in red is
St. Paul. This was a Solar Eclipse
going over
St. Paul last year in August "21"
one day before my birthday of August
...  now we see Revelation

This solar eclipse means one thing ... "God is
taking the world into a
"New Beginning."
Notice the map people enlarged St. Paul and
put a red ring around my eye with my mouth
wide open in amazement.
Below my Chest you can see in GREY a bear walking down from the North, Russia ... covering the
eye of this Pig Church and Pig Church Nation also seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22 ... second Jer-
What you see here is this PIG Nation and Church soon to be screaming out ... '
Bloody Murder"
when the Russian bear of Putin now talking to Trump, telling him they love this nation when they are
soon to Nuclear Bomb this second Jer-
USA-lem nation into oblivion!

We see above the head of this Pig nation and Church gone wild, soon to be screaming her lungs out
when Putin nuclear bombs this nation!  After the nuclear bombs come in from Putin of the Russian
Bear, then the "3" beasts of second Jer-
USA-lem all come back and go after the sleeping Dog - Pig
Goat Church of today! Jesus said, my sheep will be on my right, meaning Mercy ... and the Goats will
be on my left meaning Judgment! Below I show you an Open Vision from Almighty God from one of
his fiery volcano's showing the soon to be
Blue Goat Church talking to the beasts soon to blow up
into pieces!
Notice the Red Pants of the "3" wolf ... beast Presidents they are talking to!
Black Face Nose Trump--->
Head of Trump
Above the white head of the "3" beast
presidents wearing
Red-Fire Pants with the
black microphone seen here in their heads
talking to the Goat Church of today who put
these beasts into power, you can see the
white skull head of the beast Satan! Right of
Red fire pants of these "3" beasts seen
above, you can also see the huge black head
of Satan and his white eye with his black
mouth wide open as all three are in full
power today!

Below you can see the woman Church on the
left on the lower side of God's White
Mountain facing left! You can see her naked
breasts and her thin waist and you can see
God's white head on top as he is dressed in black with his
arm pulled back with his fire burning under him, as he
knocks the Goat woman Church off his high mountain.
Right is another Open Vision from
God showing what is about to happen
to this Dog-Pig-Goat Church of today
coming from his hot volcano. All I did
was put the writing on this Vision
from God and he did the rest.
It was this nations "33"rd President Harry Trum-an in year "45" that dropped two Atomic bombs
on Japan, and it is
Trum-p president "45" that causes it to happen again! God is also seen in
Jesus number "33." When Truman did this to Japan it killed thousands of innocent people, men,
woman and children. When this happened their skin fell off their bodies while they were still
standing on their feet! God shows this same thing happening to this
DOG CHURCH of today as I show
above, "The Dog walking on the far side of the Woman and Man Church when the nuclear bombs
coming from the Russian bear takes place soon and suddenly!

You can plainly see in God's Open Vision from his fiery volcano, the bend over woman Church with
her skin and meat falling off her arm exposing her white bone, while the leash of the Dog Church is
still attached to her hand. This means when this takes place she is still a
DOG! You can see as I
marked the head and tail end of the Dog Church. You can see her man left of her meatless arm
looking at it while he has lost the meat and skin off his entire body!

God is soon to hold this Dog-PIG-Goat Church over his Lake of Fire to purify them, and under this
Lake of Fire you can see a man in hell who would not repent of their evil ways and they go to hell!
Left God shows from another of his Open Visions, his
two white eyes looking this Dog Church of today in their
face! Notice their dog-wolf mouth smiling and God is now
ready to hold them over the
Hot Lake of Fire for
. The decision is yours alone and no one else!
We are leaving the
"6"th Millennium and going into the
"7"th Millennium
... "67" and the "7" Churches of today
seen in Matthew
25 verses "6-7" ... your days are over! I
was born
"6" of "7" children in a preachers home in
"34" added equals "7" Churches I preach to today
at the hour of Judgment seen in Revelation 14 verses
"6-7" showing awesome things!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Lying Lion