St. Paul & 144,000 Leaving
St Paul of Oregon
With the 144,000 other star overomers
Taken from God's in his heavens Hubble
telescope camera shows the two witnesses,
yours truly and Katy Sasis from
St. Paul, MN.! St.
Paul, MN., used to be called
"Pigs Eye" that I
will show you a little later in another Open
Vision from Almighty God below. The Stars are
not angels the sleeping Churches claim, they
refer to the Church! Satan said in Isaiah 14:13 ...
"I will put my trone above the Stars of God and
Rule over them
," not angels, but saints which
he has done without a shadow of a doubt

Below is yours truly
"67" years of age that ties
into the sleeping Church of Matthew 25 added
refers to the
"7" Churches of verses "6-7" and
"6" of "7" children in a preachers home
in year
"34" ... added is "7" Churches and
today I preach at the
Hour of Judgment seen
in Revelation 14 verses
Left ... I was "67" years of age standing in front of my 2000
meaning ... "God's Moving Church!" My old friend Leo,
who owns this Leo the Lion camera shop in downtown Klamath
Falls, Oregon, took this picture of Leo the Lion of God, yours
born on Leo the Lion month of August 22! Number 22
means the end and also the last chapter of God's Holy Bible
22. I enlarged the license plate number for you to
see. It is
"XYJ-892." I remind you my GMC is the year 2000.
One week before I received my new licence plate I had written a
News Letter that I had mailed out to many people titled:
"Crossing Yahweh's Jordon 144,000."  GMC means, "God's
Moving Church
!" Only the two witnesses go and going along
with them are the 144,000 true saints of God who has overcome
the enemy of our souls, Satan, seen in Revelation 14:1-5 ... these 144,000 that God takes out soon
and suddenly along with the two witnesses,
St. Paul of St. Paul, Oregon and St. Kathy of St. Paul, MN.
This first Prophet was born on Leo the Lion month of August
"22" meaning the end! He is seen in
11:11 along with sister St. Katy of St. Paul, MN., that used to be called "Pigs Eye" MN.

Now here is the full meaning of my license Plate ...
"X" for Crossing ... "Y" for Yahewh and "J" for
. Now for the numbes ... 8 x 9 = "72" times 2 plus the year of my GMC 2000 ... we see 144,000
soon to leave with the "2" witnesses of Revelation
11:11 which also refers to them as Glod's two
witnesses, man and woman alike ...
11 + 11 = "22."
Left is an Open Vision from Almighty God of the
solar eclipse that went over
St. Paul, Oregon last
year of
August 21 one day before my 22nd birthday.
This shows a new beginning coming in and also the
last chapter of the Holy Bible ... Revelation
We add 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus "1" = "7" =

The map on the left is of Oregon made by the state
of Oregon. St. Paul they lined out in
RED and the
electric walker I used to go down town in Klamath
soon to Fall,
USA Oregon ... is also RED! The sign of
Paul Revere who road his steed at midnight telling
Age "67"
the people the Red Coats are coming! I have done the same thing hollering out to the sleeping 10
virgins churches of Matthew 25;6-7, telling them the
Red Coats of Russia and China are on their way
to take out this nation of second Jer-
USA-lem who has gone to POT. I had gone back to the Lord
33" years ago and God took me out of the seven Churches and gave me a Ministry of nuumbers
and truths that reveals the end time Bible! Satan who put his throne above the stars of God, said in
Isaiah 14:13, that he would put his throne above the stars of God and rule over them which he has
done! You can see Jesus and Paul in Daniel 9:24 added is
"33" telling the Church of today,
begining with verse 24 ... "77" is decreed for your people and land
stop sinning! The latter part of this verse says, God closes down
this Ministry of Visions and Prophecies
and brings in his son Jesus
Christ to rule for 1000 years who is still
"33" years of age. My Red
Horse that I used to ride down town Klamath USA soon to Fall
Oregon, I paid
"33" hundred Dollars from Floida marked down from
73 hundred dollars added equals "10" sleeping virgins where I
was riding my
Red Steed horse down town telling the people the
Red Coats of Russia and China were coming! My RED electic horse
is good for
45 miles without a charge, and will run at top speed of
19" mph.
This ties into the first and last head of the beast, Clinton born day "19" of Leo the Lion month of
"19" and Trump the "45" president. God's last day Prophet, yours truly came back to the Lord
"33" years ago. This all ties together today!

We go back to the Solar Eclipse of St. Paul of Oregon to see what the State of Oregon did with God's
last day true Prophet. They show his face looking at the
Solar Eclipse which mean, a new beginning
is coming and using a red circle around my eye.
My friend Katy from St. Paul MN., that used to be
"PIGS EYE" ... you can see the grey BEAR of Russia covering the EYE of the PIG HEAD Church
seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22.
Today they see exactly nothing for God has closed their eyes to truth and
now he is getting ready to give them their last third baptism ...
the Baptism of FIRE to purify them!

Notice the tail of the PIg head shows the tail of the once Fish Church who has returned to
wallowing in the mud, and the dog Church also of 2 Peter who has returned to their own vomit! The
once true Churches are using God's house today for the bathrooms, not using the toilets but going
to the bathroom on the floors ...
a real stinking mess to God today. Notice the tail of this once true
fish church now turned into
dogs and pigs, shows the preachers black faces at the end of St. Paul ...
the small county of Oregon that God made like this when he created the earth some thousands of
years ago.

Below, I receive from one of my good end time friends, Bryon of Chico, Californi where some of the
fires have burned,
this picture that points to Huge lying mouth of Donald Trump with his huge mouth
wide seen below on the hot plate today lying and stealing from the millions of people
Pig head church with fish tail
Quote: The ice disk is seen
spinning on the Presumpscot River
in drone video image provided by
the city of Westbrook, Maine.
Tina Radel/AP

There is more than just January's
cold currently gripping the city of
Westbrook, Maine. An immense, icy
disk doing a solitary pirouette on
the Presumpscot River is dazzling
observers, local and distant alike
Open Lying Mouth Trump's Head on the Cooking Plater
This shows the head of the beast now coming in,
ice cold Trump 45 with his big lying mouth wide
open as usual. God is showing this lying man
today that he is using to purify his Church seen
in Isaiah
"66"6" When God is finished with him
he will destroy him! God uses good vessels to
do his good work and he uses his bad vessels to
to his bad work!

To the sleeping Churches today which refers to
them all, all Seven Church of Matthew
25:6-7 ...
God is showing you are his enemies today!
This last day LION ... LYING BEAST has two other brothers! The first one is a DemoCRT RAT, Clinton
42 ... the second one is a Republican Elephant George W. Burning Bush 43, and the last and third is
also a Repubican Elephant Big Mouth Donald Trump 45.  We add them all together and we see the last
verse of the Holy Bible, Revelation 22 and verse
The Lord told me to stop and take this picture of a
dark cloud when I could see nothing in the cloud at
the time. You can vaguely see his two ears and eye
on the return of Bill Clinton seen in Revelation
17:8. This passage of the black rat also states
"When he will be exposed the people who will be
surprised, their names have not been written in the
Lamb's brood of life

All three beast men seen in Isaiah "66:6" who God
uses to take down his last day enemy Temples,
meaning his Churches who has become his enemies! All three beast President men were born in
year "4
6."  ... "666" of Isaiah "66:6." Now we take this to the N
meaning his Churches who has become his enemies! All three beast President men were born in
year "4
6."  ... "666" of Isaiah "66:6." Now we take this to the New Testement where God confirms
tnis fact in Revelation
"6:7-8." This passage states: The Pale Rider of DEATH RIDES with
hades, hell following close behind!

Now hold on to your pants as these "3" beast men were born in these same number of years that God
now shows you in month form!
Trump was born on year "6" ... Bush in year "7" and
Clinton in month
"8" ... Revelation "6:7-8."
This is the Church today seen left
with their pants down, naked! They
are seen right stark naked standing
on Rock Jesus holding onto the the
Rock above with her knees today
bowed down to the little rock, Satan
who is looking to the right by her
She is bowing to Satan while
looking over the ocean waiting for
Noah's Ark that is not coming for her

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig