2 Storms Over Florida
These two women left, the far left shows
in cloud form over Florida the image of
the Witchcraft Church of today! I had a
picture of this storm which I put into my
Adobe Photo section of my computer a
few years ago and I outlined this witch
woman Church showing the eye of the
storm under her left eye and showing her
smug look and both wearing an up to
date Hair Bun. Her red hair is seen in
Revelation 17:1-7 this nation killing the
red, scarlet haired woman Church of
today and also killing the whole world ...
read it, and John could hardly believe
what God was showing him! This witch in
cloud form shows the Church of today as
witchcraft Church turned to Satan.
Notice the neck of the storm cloud is gray
and the Red headed woman Churches
top is Gray with her naked chest.
Below the storm cloud of the Witch Church also wearing the
famous Hair Bun hairdo, you can see the storm cloud of a
mushroom nuclear bomb going off both seen over Florida.
Below the top part of the Mushroom left, is a window God put
here saying,
"The window is now open for this to happen!"
Look closely in this Open Window and you can see in white
cloud form also from God Almighty, is the word ...
Under Church are "3" automobiles, the Catholic, Protestant
and Pentecostal Churches
which also ties into the Church of
Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints and also the Seventh Day
Adventists. All the Churches of today are in the word, Church.
When I outlined the witch storm above God had not yet
showed me about the Popular hair bun of today for it was not
yet so popular as it is today. Florida is the popular state of the
sitting beast President Trump today.
This ties to Trump and
Putin of Russia seen left soon to be in nuclear war!

Below this ties into this Witchcraft Pig headed woman Church
soon to run to the hills and hide in the rocks from God seen in
Isaiah 2:19-22 also wearing a Hair Bun Hairdo. Using God's
awesome numbering system we add Isaiah 2 + 1 + 9 + 2 + 2 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Wash. DC.  

The Hair bun Witch Church of today are soon to be seen below
hiding from Almighty God when he rises to shake the earth.
You can see top right the front legs of the Lion beasts coming
down to chase this
Gone Bananas Pig-Dog-Goat Church who
Isaiah 2:19-22
<---Notice her Hair bun
are soon to be hiding from God in
the cracks of the rocks and holes in
the ground seen in Isaiah 2:19-22.
This Open Vision left is the same
one below I cut in half because of
the size. I am saying this is one
picture of the George Washington
Rock the sleeping Church is soon
to be hiding in to hide from God and
"3" headed Lion Beast of
Clinton 42 ... Bush 43 and Trump 45
who all three come out from the
mouth of old George Washington
seen below when the two War
Horses of Russia and China hit the
gay forehead of this nation that
pushed out from the mouth of old
George! Notice left
of the lion's head
that I circled, is the
"3" lions go after
the Church of
25:6-7. Far
right is the picture
of old Hilter and his
famous solute
going after the "V" for
virgins. This came from
the 50th state of the
USA ... Hawaii ... the
lava flow.
Left came from same Lava flow
from Hawaii as the above famous
Hitler military solute came from.
God shows Trump setting behind
the steering wheel of this nation
roaring down the road with his
blackbird administration into the
white hot hell of nuclear war. You
can see red blood below his black
evil beak soon to blowing down
his evil Administration as he roars
down the road today with the dust
billowing out behind him!
This Pot Head Beast President Trump "45" and his stuff is beginning to hit the fan! It was the
33rd president Truman in year "45" who dropped two Atomic Bombs on Japan killing thousands of
Innocent men, women and Children.
Trum...an year "45" and Trum...p "45" sound alike!
Obadiah 1:15 added is
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. God says here, "O' but you are
about to diah
! "  This passage states ... "What you have done will be done to you ... your deeds will
return upon your own head

How much plainer can God make it as he shows this from above? "Three Beast Presidents all born
in year "4
6." Here we see "666" of Revelation 13:18 ... "Let him with insight calculate the number of
the beast for it is man's number ... his number is
"666." God is angry with the Church who has
become his enemies seen in Isaiah
"66:6." This passage plainly says ... "What is that sound from the
Cites .. what is that noise coming from the Temples,
(meaning the Churches) ... it is the sound of the
Lord repaying his ENEMIES all they deserve."

To end this awesome message we turn to the NT of Revelation 6:7-8 that shows this "3" headed
Lion beast as
"3" president men. We go in reverse to see these "3" Pale riders of Death riding out
just before
hell is opened up on earth! Beast Trump was born month "6" ... beast Bush was born
"7" and beast Clinton was born month "8" and here we see Revelation "6:7-8."

Now if God Almighty is not the God of Numbers who is? The sleeping Churches claim Satan is
the little god of numbers which is a lie from hell. It was God and not Satan who said he numbered
the very hairs on our heads to let us know he is the God of Numbers that controls His entire world
today and not Satan!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Hot Head Trump 45 roars this second Jer-USA-lem into white
hot nuclear war soon and suddenly