2 Rocks - Heavens & On Earth
erig    67-P
Above left, God shows in his heavens,
his last day Leo the Lion Prophet from
the West Coast, preaching the message
of Jesus Christ over this second
USA-lem nation on election day,
hitting in the head of this Eagle Bird
Nation killing it.

God shows his Rock Lion Prophet Paul
above in his heavens, speaking out and
hardly anyone is listening and are
coming against this Ministry! I removed
the outer substance from around this
Lion Prophets head leaving it looking
like the head of a LION with the White
G" referring to "GERIG" ... God's last
day Prophet born
"6" of "7" Children in
Preachers home in year "34" ... 3 + 4
"7" Churches at the HOUR of
... seen in Rev. 14

Go on the Internet and you can see this
Leo the Lion Rock in God's heavens
that he named
"67P" for His Leo the
Lion Prophet of the last days! This is
also seen as a
father ministry who had
an only SON who lived two days and we
named him ROCKY. Just a sign of
Father's Son ...
Jesus the Rock.
This awesome Open Vision above is a Huge Rock close to my old home in the wilderness where I
had lived for 28 years preaching to the 2 + 8 =
"10" sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25 verses "6-7."
First, we see the top of this LION ROCK of yours truly, the large capital letter "P" for "PAUL"
outlined in gold by God Almighty! Left of P you can faintly see this Leo the Lion Ministry riding in a
wheel-chair where I write from today! I lost the use of my legs and feet due to Diabetes some 7-8
years ago just like old John who wrote the book of Revelation while on the
Island of Patmos who had
to be carried to get around ...
no wheel-chairs in those days.

You can see this last day John Paul the Second Ministry of Almighty God in Revelation 10:9-11. This
passage also states,
"You must Prophesy again, about many peoples, nations, languages and
." This is what I am doing today without a shadow of a doubt!

We go to 2 Peter 2:20-22 ... adding just the "2"s as "2"s we see "10" sleeping Virgins seen to God
today as
Dogs and Pigs! This huge LION ROCK, yours truly above, maybe 60 feet in the air, shows
PIGS on FIRE ... shows the PIG above the Yellow and Red writing with the Capital letters DC over
the head of this PIG Church nation today soon to

We go back to the top of Lion Rock, yours truly looking up to God, and we see under the word
COMING, the black BULL MONEY MARKET of today coming down which is happening now!  I outlined
the black Bull in my Adobe Photo section of my computer in its way down,  
<-----DC in Pigs Head
Dog Church
Left came from a huge rock close to
my home in the high wilderness area
where I had lived for 28 years. I was
still under my first Ministry of
"Alpha &
Omega Ministry
" when I put this
picture into my Adobe Photo section
of my computer and removed the
substance from around the people of
today that tie into the end of the
Church and the two first beast
President men! You can see
truly raising his Moses arms in the air
parting the River Jordan for the
golden 144,000 overcomer's to cross
over the river of fire going into the
Promise land of God.
You can see
God put the capital letters of  
P  A  U  
 around the golden 144,000 over-
comer's wearing the golden dress.
Above you can see God showing the pretty woman Church, that is ugly today, dancing with the black
headed, black hearted Preachers! The first two heads of the beast, golden rich Bill Clinton 42 with
"67" written on his shoulder, and with the next head of the beast, the golden rich Texan Cowboy,
George W. Bush
43!  Adding these two together, 42 and 43 we see "67."  
Left in cloud from from Almighty God, he shows this
DOG Church of today with its mouth wide open ready to
suck in the fire

Below this you can see another cloud image from God
showing his 144,000 saints who has overcome Satan,
now getting ready to fly away to heaven and stand
beside Jesus on his throne ... Revelation

We add Rev. 14:1-5 and we see 1 + 4 + 1 + 5 =
equals Jesus Christ who has
"11" letters in his name
Jesus Christ. These are those who has Jesus Christ
written on their foreheads and are not the Jews the
sleeping Churches of today all claim. The Jewish nation
of today still do not believe Jesus Christ is their
Messah. Why would God put Jesus' name on their
foreheads if they would not acept him?

Below the 144,000 soon to leave this planet, is the sign
of Jesus Christ with his arms spead out soon to take
out his 144,000 Saints that
ONLY GOD knows who they
Those who recieve a white stone with a new
name written on it
seen in Rev. 2:17 " Those known
ONLY to God and not man.

Below Jesus coming for his overcoming 144,000, you
can see the
DOG Church below soon to be howling and
also spitting hot fire from their mouths, God made both
of these in cloud form, showing the Pig and Dog
Church of today who has become Goats and are not
Sheep of Jesus today and are talking to the beast
preachers today as God shows below!

This Open Vision below came from one of God's fiery
volcano's showing this last day GOAT Church talking to
the what they call clean white headed Preacher of
today with the
Skull of the Beast head of Satan over
their white heads

God made this image of fire, smoke and lightning
coming out of the Abyss ... Hell if you will, of these last
day Goat Churches all under the influence of Satan.
They think they are following God but are followihg the
enemy of our souls, Satan himself. The beast Satan
himself is now at the door of this once Christian nation
now litterly gone ... and is going to       
 Nuclear POT
! This Red Horse is riding today at Midnight!
Dog Church------>
144,000 leaving--->
God's Ring of fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelsit -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig