2 Red Fiery Red Cars 55 Yrs.
55 years ago when I was 29 years old, I owned this bright Red 1963 club coupe Pontiac Lemons
hot rod that I purchased from the Pontiac dealership, off the showroom floor in Portland, Oregon.
It had the big engine with a stick shift and would take almost anything stock running on the road.
Today when I was
83 years old i purchased another Red Vehicle ... electric this time that will go
"45" miles on a single charge on the batteries. The top speed is "19" mph and has "3" speeds
with a reverse, lights, turning lites and everything a big car has on it incuding a good sterio
system as did my 1963 Pontiac Lemons which was called a reverb system sounding iike todays

This touches on the
"5' WISE and "5" FOOLISH VIRGINS ... "55" years ago of Matthew 25:6-7. When
I had this first
Red hot-rod I had already left the Church and was in the world big time "55" years
ago when I was
"29" years of age. Now we see "83" years of age when I purchased my last Red
electic car, When I had my first red hot rod I was 29 years of age.  Now we add
"29" ... 2 + 9 = "11"
and my age 83 ... 8 + 3 =
"11" adding both together is "22" the day I was born on Leo the Lion
month of Almighty God ... August
"22" year "34." Number "22" means the end also the end of the
Holy Bible ... Revelation
22:21. (2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus 1 = "7" ... "67."

I was bofn "6" of "7" children in a preachers home in year "34." I preach today ... 3 + 4 equal "7"
to the "7" Churches this Eternal Gospel at the HOUR of JUDGMENT seen in Revelation 14 verses
"6-7." I preach this awesome message from my third and final Angel, flying in midair website
... read it in this 14th chapter of Revelation.

I have been down town Klamath Falls ...
USA soon to Fall Oregon about half a mile down street
"33" from where I live today, passing out my Ministry cards and talking to the people
about the end of time today. I did this the month of July and August when down town Main St. was
closed off and allowed people to put up tables and offer free things and also charged for some
things, from about 5:00 pm to dark. There were hundreds of people attending both times Klamath
Falls main street was closed off when I road my
Red Electic ... Paul Revere Gerig red horse down
town speaking out,
"The Red Coats ... Red Russia and Red China are coming."

I lost the use of my legs to walking from Diabetes seven years ago and I get around in a wheel-
chair and this red Electic cart. You can see me in the book of Daniel 9:24 ,,, added is
"33" also the
age of Jesus Christ when he died and rose again still
"33" years of age seen in the last part of
9:24. This shows Jesus "33" coming back into the picture just after this ministry is closed
down by God in this same verse speaking about these
Visions and Prophecies coming to a
then Jesus comes back into the picture, a must to read.

It has been
"33" years ago when I returned to Jesus Christ in Portland, Oregon. Today at the end
of my Ministry I live off street number
Left I lived under this cloud showing "77" for 28
years before moving into Klamath Falls trying to
get the 2 + 8 =
"10" sleeping Virgins Churches
attention. Daniel 9:24 states;
"77" is decreed for
your people and land to stop sinning.

Below is a
777 Boeing airliner that crashed on
landing in San Fransico with numbers
"7742" on
the wing.
77 touches on the cloud over my home
in the wilderness for 28 years, and
"42" added
refers to this ministry today ... as I was born "6"
of "7" children
... 6 x 7 = "42."
Today I preach to the "7" Churches ... the "6"th
millennim i
s gone and now we are headed into the "7"
Millennium ... the 1000 year kingdom of Jesus Christ
age number

This large nation today is ready to crash! Beast
Trump 45 and his very big mouth is seeing to it. After
this happens then we see the first head of the
headed lion Beast coming in, Bill Clinton number "
from Washington comes back into the picture seen in
Revelation 17:8. We add 1 + 7 + 8 =
"16" hundred
Penn., Ave., Washington DC. This passage state;
beast who once was, now is not and yet to come; and
those who will be surprised when this happens
meaning Bill Clinton number
"42" soon today ... their
names have not been written in the Lambs book of life
Revelation 17:8.

Left shows the sail boat of Isaiah 60:1-2 leaving port
soon ... This passage says,
"Arise and shine for your
ight has come and the glory of the Lord rises upon you,
but "Darkness covers the earth and thi
ck darkness is
over the Peoples
." Isaiah 60:1-2...

Verses 8-9 shows the Church, the 144,000 who have
already overcome Satan seen in Rev. 14:1-5 ... go first
with their
silver and gold woven into the fabric of their
while the rest of the Church stays behind to
have the
fire burn out all the garbage in their lives so
they too can see God
. The white horse cloud left is the
sign of the
White Boeing "777" that crashed on
landing on the West Coast where the fires are burning

and then the Beast, Clinton
"42" comes in.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble Telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
77 touches on Daniel 9:24 that begins
"77" is decreed for your people
and land ...
USA to stop sinning ...
added is
"33." This white horse above
and below is now racing out and soon
to be destroyed!
To close this awesome message I will show you one more thing. I purchased my Red Electric
Scooter from a sales lady in Florida by the name of Kity. Kity touches on the cat ... Kity Lion from the
tribe of Judah, Jesus Christ. This awesome
red car was listed at $7300.00 but on sale for
$3300.00!  It was marked down "4"000 dollars and ties into Daniel 9:24 added is "33." My message
is true and right on the mark that also ties into when I came back to the Lord
"33" years ago!  I
work for a God of numbers, Almighty God that the dead, sleeping Churches of today say numbers
are from Satan.   
(This also touches on "3 and 4" or "34" the year I was born on the last day number
of August
22 that means the end of the Holy Bible ... Revelation "22." )   God said in no uncertain
terms showing
..."He is the God of Numbers not Satan." God said I have numbered the very
hairs on your heads! ... plain and simple even a child can understand this!

Prophet Paul   ....    #
33 and #34 added is "67" as we go from the "6"th Millennium today into
the "
7"th Millennium ... "67" ...  6 x 7" = 42 that means Rebellion ... Church in Rebellion that
is seen in Matthew 1:17 ... 2000 years from Abraham to Jesus and now count the gener-
ations for they are
"42" when the Jews crucified Jesus Christ the first time around, and now
from Jesus to today is another
2000 years and another "42" generations when the Church
has done the same thing as the Jews did ...
figuratively or spiritualy speaking seen in
11:8. ... add 1 + 1 + 8 = "10" Sleepiing Virgins of Matthew 25:"6-7."