2nd Jer -USA- lem Upside Down
Storm Dorian speaks today ... O' second Jer-USA-lem upside down who falsely says we love you is
now in for the ride of her life! The
"666" of Revelation 13:18 says ... "Let the one with insight calculate
the number of the Beast for it is the number of a man, his number is
"666." God shows this "666"
Trump man who owns the
"666" huge building in Babylon NYC. God is using Trump seen in Isaiah
"66:6" to take down his Enemy Temple Church of today ... read it!

Notice this Rollo Coaster ride shaped like a
HEART ... the "666" huge building Trump owns in Babylon
NYC. The top right Open Vision shows right of Trumps head the red sign of a heart surrounded by
Gold that rich Trump is a
Billionaire. Below Trumps smug look shows him with his hands shaped like a
heart ...
here we see a black heart! Right of Trump shows he is the black man of Satan who calls
himself a good Christian but is the big black liar man of Satan as both in this one picture are in black.
Trump is the man today taking this nation on a
Roll-coaster Ride and the sleeping Church sees
nothing as storm Dorian comes in
after taking out part of the Virgin Islands that Trumps sex maniac
friend Epstein owned before he committed suicude in prision.
Epstein and Trump 2 peas in a pod!
Left shows the sleeping Baby Church of
Matthew 25:6-7 going into the old Hot
Wringer Washing Machine of Almighty God
to get cleaned up! You can see the eye of
this old washing machine, the eye of this
storm Dorian now coming
into the East
Beast  666 Trump Hides
behind second
-USA-lem Flag!
Trump of
the "
Baby Church
goes into
Coast of this nation where the beast
Trump sets in the drivers seat in the
White House in Virginia
, and his favorite
State in this 50 states Union
, is Florida
where Dorian began hitting this nation
and now going up the East Coast side
of second Jer-
USA-lem where the
beast sets in office with his huge mouth
wide open as usual!
God shows the huge mouth of beast Donald Trump 45 above in cloud form
from his Hubble space telescope in his heavens running as usual with his
two arms sticking out and his two beady eyes looking at you with his huge
mouth wide open smoking a Huge Pipe as he sets the fires to burning.
The small fires are already burning on earth compares to the huge nuclear Fire Beast Donald Trump
starts with nuclear bombs! God is the "3"rd Adam ... Atom as he created all things out of Atoms! Man
Adam ... Jesus the second Spiritual Adam and thirdly God who is the
"3"rd Atom ... Adam! We have
"3" Baptisms ... Water ... Holy Spirit and lastly Red Hot Fire for Father God is a Red Hot Fire!
God's head below in tree form looking at this
Rollo Coaster Church nation and under his chin
you can see the Capital letter
"V"  for "VIRGINS"
dumped out.
You can see God walking on his two
legs in signs
The thinning hair of Satan filled televangelist
Jimmy Swaggart and his pack of singers and
, God shows in this Lava flowing volcano
in Hawaii ... thinning hair Swaggart with his Pink
face talking to Satan
! God shows Satan with a
white line around his
black nose to help point out
Satan th
at Swaggart and other Preachers are
talking to today who they think is God! Satan
comes as an angel of light! Notice the grey winter
cap Satan is wearing that ties into winter time
when hell is really opened up on earth! Jesus
said in Matthew 24:20 ...
"Pray that your flight
moving out from the cities does not happen in
Winter or on the Sabbath
!" Winter is the worst
time to move to the mountains!

Now look at the
Music Swaggart plays and talking
to black Satan who he believes is Jesus but is the devil himself! Satan was the head of music in
heaven before God kicked him out eons ago and he still
has access to heaven to accuse the
Brethren! What has happened today is
seen in Revelation 12:12 war in heaven and Satan lost and has
been cast to the earth below
where all hell is now happening on earth!  Killing and etc., things are
happening like we have never seen before
! We drop down to verses 13 to 17 and we see the Jews
being killed in old Israel and God opening his mouth swallowing these armies coming against old
Israel and then the
Dragon, Satan turns and goes after the Church seen in Revelation 12:17.

Notice coming out from the back
side of Swaggarts head in lava flow, you can see the waves of lava
... music coming
down into the ears of the DOG Church of today as they think Swaggard and the other
Ministries are from God but really are from Satan himself!
Swaggart                     Satan
This same dog Church listening to the music coming from
these devil filled Ministries
talking to Satan today seen above
with their
red tongues sticking out from their wide open
mouths loving the music and lies coming from these devil
filled Ministries today
 seen in Matthew 25:6-7. We add 2 + 5 =
"7" Churches.

The white Dog Church left is the same Dog seen above but
only at a different angle as God shows they are still laying
down sleeping today
while all hell is opening up here in
second Jer-

Below God shows from one of his fiery volcano's
, the face of
this last day DOG Church being held over the Abyss, hell, to be
purified by his hot burning fire! Notice the head of this dirty
Dog Church of today smiling at you while hell is now being
Opened up on earth
to clean her up!

Below the Dog Church held over the fire from Almighty God, is
a picture I took from Babylon Rock close to my old home
showing in shadow form, this Dog Church of today looking to
the left and over its back you can see she has
. This Open Vision was a shadow of my
little black Poodle Dog named Tina who I had to put to sleep
for she was
"16" years old and had lost her eyesight, hearing
and memory!

This touches on the black dog Church seen above of God
beginning to burn off all her garbage. The shadow of Tina
years of age ties into this nation of second Jer-
USA-lem that
sets at
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC is full of
demons and dragons!

Close to this image of the Dog Church today is the one below
of this golden rich money Church screaming out today for
. Notice this golden face Dog Church walking to the left
and her pretty Human woman face is turned around looking
black Satan in his face thinking he is Jesus but the devil
! Right and below Black Satan who rides this last day
Dog Church,
is the first head of the "3" headed Lion Beast ...
golden face Bill Clinton 42 and below Bill is the second head
Texan Cowboy, George Bush 43. Below Bush 43 is the third
head of the beast today setting in the office of the Presidency
... Donald Trump 45 ... the golden rich Shark with the golden
"X" on his neck eating the naked woman Church of

Notice where this third shark beast is heading for ... this
woman Churches sex organ with the golden letter
"J" for
Golden Trumps middle initial ...
"J" for John the sex maniac
man setting in the White House today telling lies, after lies,
after lies that the sleeping Church put into office and is
leading them onto the
Red Hot Nuclear Fire coming from the
mighty Russian Bear that lying Trump 45 has and is deceiving
this nation today who is heading
into fiery black hell!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig
God also Shows his
Thumb Pointing

which means
its over and also
shows letter '"V" for
Virgins upside down
and dumped out!