2nd Jer-USA-lem - Its The End!
The Jews first and now 2000 years later for the Church, it is all
over, your at the end of your days on earth! 200
0 years for
Adam ... 2000 years for
the Jews, 2000 years for the Church =
6000 years for man reigning is over and now the coming in 1000
years of the Son, Jesus Christ is at the door ... number
6000 years now going into the 1000 years of God coming back
to reign forever. The Bible begins in Genesis
one creating man
on the
"6"th day of a "7" day week and ends, it also shows in
"6-7" in Rev. 22:21. We add 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus 1 = "7"
"6-7." God chose a man born "6" of "7" children to tell
the world it is finished!  
I am preaching this awesome message from my "3 "rd and final flying in midair website showing the
"3" angels of God, my last and "3"rd website seen in Revelation 14 and verses "6-7" at the final
Hour of Judgment today! We are now at the end of God's Holy Bible of Revelation 22:21 seen
above in numbers
"67." The first head of the beast is coming back into power soon, Bill Clinton 6 X
7 =
"42" his number from Washington.

God gave proof of this last year one day before my birthday in August 21 and 22 is seen in reverse
of Revelation 22:21 of his Solar Eclipse that happened which means,
"A new beginning is coming
." God had the map people show the map of Oregon in white and showing St. Paul, a small county
in Oregon in red and also blowing up the entire small county of St. Paul in white with a red ring
around my eye.
This Solar Eclipse came into the USA, second
USA-lem over Oregon and left at South
Carolina. I remind you God has this image of
Prophet Paul in this position thousands of years
ago when he created earth. God shows me looking
at the Solar Eclipse going my head and below my
head is the grey bear of Russia and China coming
into this nation and taking her down. Notice the
bear is covering the eye of this Pig Church and
nation and she can see exactly nothing today.
Notice the pig with its mouth wide open squealing
out that swims with a fish tail, as the early Church
were fishers
of mens souls who has turned into PIGS seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22.

I have a friend who lives in St. Paul, MN., who had called me today, her name is Katy Sasis who had
gotten in touch with this ministry some maybe 10 years ago. She had told me that St. Paul, MN., was
named "Pigs Eye" and was changed to St. Paul in the middle 18 hundreds. Using God's awesome
numbering system we add 2 Peter 2:20-22 ... just the 2's by themselves and we see "10" sleeping
Virgins of Matthew 25:
"6-7." About 2  years ago there was a huge storm they had named "PAM,"
Pam is also the name of my in-home care lady who helps me out a couple days a week due to my
diabetes loosing most of the use of my legs to walking without a walker.
X               X
Above the first red X you can see my
face looking at you and also the face of
a Lion below as i was born on Leo the
Lion month who ties into the Lion of
Judah, Jesus Christ. Right of my arm
and hand reaching out to the large
capital letters SC or South Carolina
and the Solar Eclipse leading this
nation on August 21 last year one day
before my birthday, shows a new
beginning is now coming in. But first
the old is taken out and then Jesus
Christ comes in, the Lion from the tribe
of Judah, Jesus Christ. Notice the
storm people shows the rocks under
this huge storm named Pam and the
lower rock is shaped like a man's hand,
but is the hand of God Pointing to his
last day Prophet who is tied into his
Rocky Son ... Yours Truly born on Leo
the Lion month of August 22 and number 22 means the end. I had an only son who lived only 2 days
and died in year 1959. We had named him
"ROCKY." I am not Father God, but I am a sign of him as
you can plainly see if only you want to see the truth today. To back this up the next storm Open
Vision picture below shows PAM pushing me in a wheel chair as she does at times.
You can see me as the center of this storm as the wheel on
my wheel chair blowing my trumpet downward to earth from
my third and final website. You can see me looking
downward into the face of the people below. Notice the
man looking up wearing dark glasses. Notice behind my
head is the head of my in-home care lady nurse ... Pam. You
can see her behind me in the heavens above pushing me
also wearing dark glasses as the sun is bright in the
heavens. If you notice I too am wearing dark glasses from
the sunny heavens above.

It was "18" years ago that I received a phone call from a
prophet in South Carolina who had received on of my books
on this subject who has now gone to be with God in
heaven. The first thing he asked me,
"Who is the Beast? I
said, "Bill Clinton number 42."
Just after this I said, "Russia
will nuclear bomb this nation
This happened 18 years ago! What is happening today between the two Super Powers of USA and
Russia? The threat is here and soon to happen between these two nations, USA and Russia. After
we spoke for half an hour I hung up my phone and opened my Bible and it fell open to Revelation
8:1 which stated ...
"Heaven was silent for about half an hour."  This pretty much tells the story
where this ministry today is coming from! Looking at the cloud pictures from heaven above also
shows where this ministry is coming from today without a shadow of a doubt ... from God's flying in
midair proclaiming his
Eternal Gospel at the HOUR of JUDGMENT NOW!

"Wake Up O Sleeping Church" ... you have come to the end of your days on earth! This message in
not new, for in 1991 I had written a book of over "300" pages and
"19" chapters that the beast
would come out from within the Church of this nation and that this nation would go to war with
Russia. I started this book while living in Portland, Oregon where I had lived for 40 year before
moving down to the wilderness showing this entire message in rock form. Jesus said in Luke
verses "
39-40" that if his people did not speak out then the rocks would cry out!  

We add the verses 39-40 ... 3 + 9 + 4 = "16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC ... this second
USA-lem nation now being taken down by Almighty God and to be no more seen in Jeremiah 51
... the last day Babylon. This nation and its Churches are seen in Revelation 17:1-7 added is 1 + 7 + 1
+ 7 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC.

The rocks has been crying out for many years to me where I had been living for 28 years. It is also a
sign of my only son we naked,
"ROCKY" and God has shown me this ministry is a sign of Father God
and his only Son Rocky, Jesus Christ.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Above was a tropical Storm ovef second Jer-USA-lem on election day a few years ago. You can see
yours truly from the West Coast blowing this Jesus Trumpet and the head of Jesus looking down
over the State of Florida hitting and killing this bald eagle nation!