2nd Hitler Goes After Church
I took this Open Vision picture from the
Internet of a large storm off the Northeast
corner of this second Jer-
USA-lem nation.
It shows the Lion Beast of this nation
coming out soon and suddenly just after
Nuclear War begins soon, started by beast
rump and Kid-Kim of North Korea, two
idiots fighting against each other today!
my Adobe Photo section of my computer, I
outlined this lion in this storm ... upper left
corner, showing they have disguised
themselves by
wearing dark glasses and
exposing their heart as loving the people
on the outside of their body, meaning they
are showing their love for the Church, but
is no more than a farce and not real! This
also ties to
Jimmy Swaggart Ministries of
, and also seen left in a Lava
Flow from Hawaii this last year.
Jesus said, what was
good for the Jew is now
good for the Gentile for
God does not show
favoritism. Jimmy, Liar
Swaggart a top music
director just like Satan
was when Satan was still
in heaven, is seen in
white thinning hair with
his pink face talking to
Black Satan, notice God
outlined Satan's black
nose in white so you can
detect Satan. It appears
Satan is wearing a wool
stocking hat, suggesting
nuclear war begins in
winter. Notice left of
Swaggarts bald head,
you can see Hitler's military hat
and his white face looking left. You
can see Swaggarts music flowing
down to the dog Church of today
with their red tongue stick out
enjoying what Swaggart is saying
and also listening to his music which he is using to catch the sleeping Church today at
judgment time. Below the dog church listening to his music, you can see coming from this
same volcano from Hawaii, is the image of Adolph Hitler and his famous military solute with
the large capital letter
"V" for "V"irgn on his waist that he soon goes after the sleeping
Church of today seen in Matthew 25:"6-7."

God is also confirming this message in cloud form, showing the head of old Hitler also in
white cloud form, coming out from his high white mountain, meaning the Church, facing left
with his black mustache. Notice the mountain top is seen also in cloud form. I serve daily, an
almighty God that the
sleeping, Pharaoh, Egypt Church of today do not know! They think
they know him but remember what Jesus said, he said be aware of Satan for he comes as an
angel of light which he has done very well! Satan is also seen in Isaiah 14:14 ... as putting his
throne above the stars of God, the stars meaning the Church and not God's angels as the
sleeping Dog Church say.
Left, a very short distance from my
home, sets this large rock showing
this picture in the rock, rock Jesus,
this rich, golden dog faced Church
walking to the left with her pretty face
turned around looking black Satan in
his face thinking he is Jesus, but is the
devil himself riding her back today!
The "3" headed
LION BEAST seen in
the storm in this nation heading this
message, are the "3" men on the right,
first Lion Beast Clinton 42 born on Leo
the Lion month of August "19" the
"42"nd president of this gone mad
nation. Below Bill is the next Bush 43
president, the
Texan Cowboy, wearing
the Texan Cowboy hat, very plainly put
by God
. Thirdly, we see the golden rich
Trump President today,
Donald "J"
, who is the black shark with the
golden X on his side with the red
headed woman of Rev. 17:3-8 in his
mouth. Notice he is going up her leg and stops at her sex organ, showing the golden letter
"J" for "J"ohn which is his middle name. It was these people, the Catholics and the
Protestants that put this beast into power today,
the 45th President. This terribly loud mouth
beast man, ties into "19-
"45" and Harry S. Truman who dropped two nuclear bombs on
Japan in year
"45" and soon is the cause with Kid-Kim that begins WW "3." When this
happened the skin fell off the bodies of the people below when they were still standing on
their feet, their tongues rotted in their mouths and their eyes rotted in their sockets as what
is about to happen today, seen in
Zechariah 14:"12." Donald J. Trump has "12" letters in
name and he ties to this passage soon to come about here in this second Jer-
nation who has gone down the wrong Road.

The first two verses of Zechariah 14:1-2,
shows the women raped! The 200 million man army
of China in years past, killed most of their girl babies at birth to keep their over populated
nation at hand. Today there is only one woman per seven men, so when their army comes
they rape the woman before they kill them. The last few verses of Zechariah 14 shows Jesus
passing out cooking pots for the survivors to cook in ... meaning this whole chapter speaks
of today and the very end of time as we know it and the soon coming nuclear war!
Left is another Open Vision from
God showing in a lava flow, the
picture of the skin falling off the
bodies of the Church below
when the bombs go off. The Dog
Church of today,
the woman
walking her Dog with the leash
still attached to her hand while
the meat is falling off her white
, is walking over the Lake of
Fire for purification. Under the
Lake of Fire is Hell, and you can
see a man who never made
purification gone to hell. Notice
left of the arm of the woman
Church under these nuclear
explosions, is her husband or
man with the meat that fell off his
body leaving only his head for
you to see ... the rest of him is
gone. How much plainer can
God make it of what is coming?

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig