2 Headed Snake Striking Out
Two Headed Snake striking out soon to take down the Red Headed Woman
Church seen in Revelation 17:1-7 ... 1 + 7 + 1 + 7 =
"16" hundred Penn.,
Ave., Washington DC. This Red headed Scarlet woman who has been
riding the beast, President Billionaire Donald Trump along with the other beast presidents, have
also been riding the Large Rock of Jesus Christ seen on top of Rock Jesus as he is looking to the
left in rock form behind the Red headed woman with the snake around her neck and she is still
holding on to the two headed snake of Satan, Donald Trump and his pack of liars today.
Huge Rock
Jesus Christ
nose & chin.
God shows from his Hubble telescope in his heavens,
this scarlet naked woman Church of today riding the
beast sidesaddle ... notice her red hair. Below her is
another Open Vision from Almighty God from one of his
fiery volcano's showing this naked bottom Church riding
on he head of the beast President today who they put
into office as the final golden man, President Trump
'45." Notice right of her naked bottom, red fire coming
upon them and produced by Golden Trump.

Look closely at the naked Churches right butt cheek you
can see his White Hat form the White House and his
forehead, eyes, nose and mouth as he stands up on his
two front legs and sets down on his two hind legs with
his tail sticking out, the other head of the two headed
lying snake that he really is.

Notice above the Red headed woman of Revelation
17:1-7 who rides the scarlet beast today, the presidents
of this nation who has deceived the entire world and
killed the true saints of God that old John could hardly
believe this happening at the end of days, today. Notice
right of the red headed Church you can see the face
and head of a baby looking at you as God is saying, she
is still a baby that has never grown up to maturity. She
has the shape and body of a grown woman but is still an
infant in head, brains and body form.

She is naked to the point of doing anything she wants to
do, a sex maniac running around today stark naked and
showing off all her filthy wears that corrupted the world.
God shows her in solid rock form close to my old home
in the high wilderness area of Klamath County, Oregon
stark naked. God shows her as a dog is rock picture
which i removed the rest of the substance leaving only
the images of the two last day dog Churches, Catholics
and Protestants alike with no clothes on walking to the
left. You can see her dog face looking left with her
human face looking backwards at Black Satan who is
riding her back.

Behind Satan is the first head of the beast, Bill Clinton
42 and below Bill his the second head of the "3" headed
Lion Beast, Texan Cowboy, George W. Bush 43. One
Democrat and two Republican. Sex maniac Trump 45 is
seen as the Shark with the
golden X on his neck with
the red headed woman Church in his mouth going up
her leg to her vagina with his middle letter
"J" to his
name beside it ... the
Sex Maniac the Church put in
office ... how much plainer can God make it??? Church you have been had, your days has come to
a close and now storm Rosa ... as Rosa stands for the
Rose of Sharon Jesus Christ has hit the
southwest Coast of second Jer-
USA-lem also removing vegetable food, and the storm Florence
on the East Coast removing the meat food. God also drowning out the wheat and corn crops in the
middle sections of his second Jer-
USA-lem nation gone crazy at the end of their days on earth.

I didn't put the bodies and etc., in these "3" lower pictures, God did. All I did was draw a line
around the red headed woman church riding the beast today. God made the second Open Vision
in full of the naked butt woman riding the beast, Trump. The third Open Vision I removed the
substance and left showing this end time picture today and the sex maniac President getting ready
to eat the Church ... the tail end of the three beasts of the '666" ... seen in
Isaiah "66:6" who takes
out the crazy, sleeping Churches of today that are seen here as enemies of God ... read it.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Two  Roman Catholic Heads