22 + 22 = "44" Magnum
Bryon of Chico, California who recently turned "22" years of Age that ties into this Ministry born in
Leo the Lion month of August
"22" added together is "44."  Before I left Portland, Oregon some 28
years ago, I sold my
high powered largest 44 magnum pistol to a man who took it to the firing
range to shoot it when it blew up in his face! There was nothing wrong with this pistol but the man
shot a bad round in this gun that didn't fire right and without checking it out he pulled the hammer
back and fired another round when the first  bullet had hung up in the barrel and the second round
hit it and the 44
magnum blew up in his face.
Fire Obama "44" blows up in the face of this
gone down the Tube nation with Russia and
seen left. You can see the Black bear of
Russia from the first mountain top with their
arms around
fire Obama "44" as i point out his
nose from the largest mountain top second
USA-lem! The third mountain top shows
White Panda Bear of China waiting with
their mouth wide open after Russia bombs this
nation with her nuclear bombs. This is seen in
Zechariah 14:1-2 when China who aborted
their girl babies to slow down their over
population, and today have only one woman
per "7" men!

The volcano above that God shows, he also
shows the one below, showing Black Obama
"44" with his head in the corner seeing
nothing. You can see his beastly tail sticking
in the tail of Beast, Billionaire Trump who is
Smoking a PIPE looking black Satan in his face
while he lights this nation and world on fire.

Under black Satan you can see the
semi-golden head of Putin of Russia as all
three men are wearing
Pony-tail hairdo's
referring to the Horsemen of the Apocalypse
of Revelation 6.
Now what about the boiling
pot under Donald John Trump
? This Boiling
Pot of Old Jeremiah, this last day Jeremiah
Prophet, yours truly, is seen in verse
hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC., the hot fire is now burning!

Here we see the only Black President Obama
"44" ever to set in the White House as President, and
today with his head in a corner see
s nothing!  Hell is soon to break forth on earth! This "44"
Magnum Pistol
is now ready to blow up in his face! These two Magnum ... BULLETS ... Presidents,
44 and 45 soon blow up this nation and world! They first take down this old Indian nation! My friend
Joe Hobbs who died from a car accident last year was
"67" years of age who hunted deer and elk
with a
"45" magnum Pistol. Joe was second in command of the Indian Trible office in Chiloquin, Or.
Brother Joe Hobbs died at the age of "67" a top Indian Tribal leader, as God is using him and also
this last day Jeremiah Prophet, yours truly born
"6" of "7" children in a preacher home in year "34"
added speaking to the
"7" churches today at the Hour of Judgment seen in Revelation 14 verses
"6-7."  Today we are leaving the "6"th Millennium and going into the "7" Millennium ... "6-7" ...
into the 1000 year kingdom of Jesus Christ.

God shows this old Indian nation in rock
above from left to right, ready to slide her down to be no
more! In a fiery volcano in Hawaii God shows this same Indian nation burning down. Next
, we see in
sky form,
this old Indian war bow nation seen here if rainbow form ... War now at the door of this old
Indian nation. Right of this we see God putting another rainbow in his heavens, showing this comes
first upon the "Virgin" Church as Judgment first begins at the
House of God ... this second
USA-lem nation gone to POT and literally gone to the drug POT ... Marijuana!
Left God shows his 144,000 white clean Church of Revelation
14:1-5 who has overcome Satan that are soon to be taken out
to the throne of Jesus Christ ... the white Church truly
looking up to God
today. Below her is the rest of the Church
... the soon to be
RED in Fire Church talking to Satan, the
open miouth
Black Dragon who they believe is Jesus but is
the devil. Remember what Jesus said? Satan would come as
an angel of light which he has done today proof positve seen
Notice this dark red Church talking to black Dragon
Satah who they believe is Jesus but the devil himself.

Now I wonder who made this Cloud if not my Almighty God?
Wake up O' Sleeping Church ...
your headed into hot Fire!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
who some 28 to 30 years
ago owned a 44 Magnum
44 Magnum
Your headed into Hot Nuclear War
God says today in storm
form: I'm taking you out!