200 Million China Geese Come
War games are now being played between China and Russia in
the Open seas. The battle of Armageddon is being rehearsed of
the 200 million man army of China spoken about in Revelation
"16" where war is soon to break out in Washington DC at "16"
hundred Penn., Ave.
Below this war tank heading message is a
cloud God put in his heavens showing the tanks are coming from
China and the goose steppers will soon be here
raping the
seen in Zechariah 14:1-2.

Below this tank on the left, shows the black Russian bear with
their arms around Obama the 44th president of this nation who
helped setup the relationship we have today with the black
Russian Bear! Notice in the fiery volcano below of "3" mountains,
left Russia ... center USA ... right China. Russia was loving up to
Fiery Obama and after Russia strikes with her nuclear bombs,
then the 200 million man army of China comes ashore
raping their
woman and eating their food
. Notice how God made this in the fire
coming out from the top of his volcano as I pointed out, his nose
and you can see his eyes, as Obama was the match to lite this fire.
The top right Open Vision picture I took about one mile
from my home,
showing the Goose stepping tanks of
China are soon to appear
! You can see three Goose
tanks ready to roll over the woman Church of today as
pointed out she has a
SCORPION on her. Above the
Scorpion you can see the woman's head looking to the
left. Right of the scorpion you can see black Satan
looking down over the
Three Hebrew Children of Daniel
and today it refers to the "3" Churches, Catholic,
Protestant and Pentecostal
. Left of the "3" heads you can
see the black head of the Lamb, meaning Jesus as the
"4"th man in the fire along with the three Churches of
today. God is soon to hold these 3 dog Churches over
the fire for purification! God shows another of
his fiery volcano's with his two bright eyes
looking this Dog Church of today seen in 2
Peter 2:20-22 in the face, as he holds them over
the lake of fire to purify them, for God is a
consuming fire as the Bible states! Notice
under the two bright eyes of God, you can see
the dogs mouth looking to the left as the rest of
this dog Churches body is in the fire!

Below this Open Vision from Almighty God, he
shows another one in the top right corner the
angels in heaven singing while the Church
woman of today with her face looking at you
wearing a
low cut black dress is being held
over the fire as the dog Church seen above is
over the fire. Notice on top of the fire you can
see the small letter "V" for Virgins soon to go
into the fire of purification!

Below this Is the Clam-shell trap Jesus speaks
about in Luke 21:34-36. He said, do not get
caught in the
TRAP!  You are to pray that you
may be
ABLE to ESCAPE all that is about to
happen ... and pray that you may be
before the Son of Man, Jesus Christ on
his throne in Heaven ... taken out before hell is
opened up on earth!

This clam-shell trap is close to my home in solid
rock form. All I did with this in my Adobe Photo
section of my computer, was put the words by
the subjects and God burned the rest out in
solid rock! We see the naked Churches of today
ONLY in the flesh and not their
hearts! We see these naked Churches with
their Virgin hands in the air as worshiping God
but instead they are worship Satan today who
they think is God, but Satan himself! These rich
people are laying down on the  Black Bull
Market that is soon to disappear.  
Todays Bull Market is at the door of collapse! What happens when this black Bull Market goes down?
The RED BEAR MARKET COME IN! The two red bears of Russia and China war against this fallen
Babylonian nation! Notice how God made this large rock ... he shows the head of the soldiers coming
in ... top right ... their 200 million man army seen in Revelation 9:16. (Add 9 + 1 + 6 =
"16" hundred
Penn., Ave., Washington DC)

"The angel swung his sickle on the earth, gathered its grapes (The 10 sleeping Virgins ... God's second
Vineyard seen in Isaiah
5:1-5 and verses "6-7" the first Vineyard God dug up was Israel the second is
the Church of today)
 and threw them into the great winepress of God’s wrath. They were trampled in
the winepress outside the city,
and blood flowed out of the press, rising as high as the horses’ bridles
for a distance of
"16" hundred stadia." Revelation 14:19-20 ...

What has happened in northern California today? God has set it on FIRE! God's second Vineyard,
the Church today is burning down
! Her next door sister, whorehouse Nevada, has recently had the
worst killing ever in this second Jer-
USA-lem nation. God is now in the process of killing this Whore
- house Nation who has turned into a whorehouse Church who do not know the Bible nor do they
know the real true God! They think Satan is God but is the little god that this naked Church of today
bow their knees to as seen below.
Far left you can see a naked woman with her
hand on the Rock, Jesus, looking over the
water to see if the Ark of God is coming! You
can see left of her knee the
little rock head of
Satan that she is bowing her knees to today
She is the woman seen left from God's Hubble
telescope in his heavens, showing nuclear
poison from the nuclear bombs coming, hitting
her in the head and she falls backwards.
Notice her naked breast and her naked lower
part as well. This is also seen in Isaiah 28:13-15
... "13" states she falls backwards! The next
two verses states, she made a lie her refuge
and falsehood her hiding place.
Left is another rock Open Vision from Almighty God close
to my home, showing in burned out rock the naked
woman Church of today,
wearing a dark witches hat
looking downward to hell.
This shows her two naked
breasts with the capital letter
"V" on her stomach. What is
she doing?
She is riding this Golden Goat Nation with the
golden man at the helm today bringing in WW III.

The next Open Vision shows this same picture of this
naked woman Church more clearly riding the Golden
Goat of the USA. Above her head you can see "3" lite
signs as "3" so-called Christian religions today all riding
the beast! She is also riding the Cross of Jesus Christ,
notice the top of the Cross.

Left of the golden goat, USA, you can faintly see the
silver goat of Russia as these two nations heads soon
come together in WW III. Notice left of the head of the
golden goat, USA, I had written out the words, Battering
Ram Russia ... the gold on the right and the silver on the
left. Babylon is seen as the strongest and richest nation
on earth in Daniels visions, and the next nation in power
was known then and today as well, as the
chest and arms
... known then and today as the BEAR.

The ball game is over! The Vineyard in California has
burned down and Isaiah 5:1-5 and verses
"6-7" are at
hand today as God has said, I will remove my water from
her ... no more cultivating or punning, she has gone back
to the wild!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Notice God put above the
water this sign of the goose of
China coming in over water