144,000 Love - Not Red Church
A picture of God's love for the
overcoming Church of
Revelation 14:1-5 soon to leave
and go with God, notice her
dark hair inside the heart of

Look to the top right you can
see this scarlet Red Headed
woman Church
of Revelation
laying down on her job
with her right foot in the air
making love to Satan who she
thinks is God but the devil
<----Her right foot
Below the Red headed woman Church laying down on her job is
seen below with her
red hair blowing to the left from the white hot
nuclear bomb going off behind her
from Russia!  She is dancing to
music while second Rome ... second
Jer-USA-lem burns!  Right of
the white hot nuclear bomb going off
behind her, you can see her
right of the explosion in
light red color with her head looking down
, and under her head you can see the capital letter "V" as
Virgins today upside down
Above is the Wedding Honeymoon Ring of Jesus Christ going on the Wedding Ring Finger of the
of God's overcoming dark haired woman Church seen above!  These are the 144,000 that God
takes out soon to be with his
Son Jesus Christ seen in Revelation 14:1-5 who has Jesus Christ who
"11" letters in his name written on the foreheads of this last day Jesus Church.  Add 1 + 4 + 1 +
5 =
"11." Jesus is redemption, and silver refers to redemption ... he is the priceless Pearl in the
center of
His Silver Ring taken from God's Hubble telescope in his heavens that goes on the ring
finger of his 144,000 saints who has overcome Satan!
God's face above
looking down on
"7" Churches making Love to Satan
Rev. 17:1-8 - Red Scarlet Seven Churches
"V" for
The Love of God
and His Wedding
Ring now at hand
Today the Bun Hairdo is popular! The
10  sleeping Virgin Church of today with
Red Hair is soon to be seen on the
left heading to the Rocks wearing  a
Bun-Hairdo to hide from God! She is
seen as the
PIGS of 2 Peter 2:20-22
looking down in sorrow above as she
soon heads for the Rocks left, to hide
from Almighty God! You can plainly see
her head turned around looking at you
Bun Hairdo referring to today
when this is soon to happen!
handwriting is on the
WALL ... Daniel
5:25 ... Rock Wall.

Below the Church of today soon to be
heading to the Rocks and Holes in the
ground from the dread of the Lord and
the Splendor of his Majesty, we see the
rest of this huge rock close to my old
home in the high wilderness area
where I had lived for
"28" years, added
preaching to the
"10" sleeping Church.
Now turn these two
Open Visions
and you can see the two war
horses of
Russia and China moving in
and hitting this gone crazy, gay, George
Washington nation in its forehead
killing it.

After this happens we see this pushing
Isaiah 2:19-22
out of old George's mouth the Lions ... "3" in all! Notice left of the Lion's head is the sign of the old
German Swastika, the sign of old
Adolph HItler coming again in signs, as Jesus once said, "What
was good for the Jews is now good for the Gentiles for God does not show favoritism

Now look at the Open Vision above this one to the top right corner, and you can see the legs of the
Lion coming down after this
Hairbun Church of today!
Left is a cloud picture from Almighty God of the storm
"BILL" who is soon to fly back into the picture,
the first head of the
"3" headed Lion Beast. The second
head is seen below
Bill Clinton 42 ... is Red Pants Fire
Burning Bush 43
. Here we see a copy of the Jews and
Burning Bush ... and God speaking to first Moses
through a
BURNING  BUSH and God speaking to
second Moses also through a

Next we see from Almighty God from a volcano, showing
Red Pants Burning Bush 43 coming out from the Abyss,
hell if you will, with the white head of the BEAST over his
White head and the Goat Churches White Head as well,
as both are under the head-ship of Satan today in no
uncertain terms
! God shows Red Pants Burning Bush
with a black microphone in his white head talking to the
Goat ... Dog-Pig Churches of today of 2 Peter 2:20-22!
Adding just the
"2" as "2"s equals the "10" sleeping
Red headed Virgin Church of today soon going into fire.

I have shown you the first two beasts of the
"3" beast
LIONS coming out from the mouth of gay George
Washington. The first Lion is Bill Clinton who was born
Leo the LION month of August "19." The second
head is George W. Burning, Red Pants Bush 43. Clinton
42 and Bush 43 added together is
"67" who goes after
the sleeping Matthew 25 verses
"6-7" Church!

The last and third final beast sets in the White House
today telling huge lies, and his lying nose keeps getting
longer and longer every day! All
"3" of these lying past
and setting presidents were born in year "4
6." Now we
see the
"666" of Rev. 13:18 ... "Let him with insight
calculate the number of the Beast ... for it is the number
of  man, his number is
"666." Satan copies God and God
is seen in
"3" parts, Father, Son and Holy Spirit!
Here we see Satan copying God in "3" parts, Clinton 42 ... Bush 43 ... Trump 45. We add all "3" beast
men together and we see this ... 4 + 2 + 4 + 3 + 4 + 5 =
"21." What is number "21?" Number "21" is the
last verse in God's Holy Bible ...
this means this is the END!  The last chapter of the Holy Bible is

I was born on Leo the Lion month of August "22" year "34."  I Preach today to the "7" Churches from
a preachers home
"6" of "7" children preaching this awesome message ... this ETERNAL GOSPEL
today at the
HOUR of JUDGMENT seen in Revelation 14 and verses "6-7." This chapter also shows
"3" flying in midair angels, and this Ministry has had "3" flying in midair Angel Websites!  Now hold
on to you hats for God shows this last year ... the numbers
21 and 22 in his solar eclipse going over
the small county of
St. Paul close to the Capital city of Salem, Oregon. Another witness to this
awesome message also lives in the
Capital city of St. Paul, MN.
Bill 42
George 43
Donald Liar
Trump 45
The Solar Eclipse means a new beginning
is coming! This Solar Eclipse went from
Newport, Oregon over Salem and St. Paul
only a few miles east of Salem and left this
nation over South Carolina
. I lived only a
few miles south of Newport some years
ago. I preached on long and short wave
radio out from
South Carolina some 18 to
20 years ago telling them who the first
head of the beast is
Bill 42 ... and that
Russia would nuclear bomb this nation!
spoke on the air for
"30" minutes and  
hanging up I picked up my Bible to have it
open to Revelation 8:1 saying,
was silent for about half an hour
The above picture is the State of Oregon and the red section is St. Paul. The map people enlarged St.
Paul in white with a
red ring around my eye with my mouth wide open. This Solar Eclipse refers to a
New Beginning! It happened one day before my
"22"nd birthday on August "21" referring to the end
of the Holy Bible verse
"21." We add 21:22 in reverse as 22:21 the end of God's Holy Bible and we see
this. 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus "1" equals "7" equals

Today we are leaving the "6"th Millennium and going into the "7"th Millennium ... "67." Now we
multiply 6 X 7 and we see
"42" the first head of the "3" headed Lion Beast Presidents,  Bill Clinton
"42." Next we see my open mouth watching the Solar Eclipse coming in, and the old going
out and the bears of North Korea, Russia and China coming in and blinding the
PIG Church of today
as they see nothing. Notice below the grey bear covering the eye of the
PIG CHURCH soon to be
screaming out ...
"Bloody Murder."

You can see this Pig Church of today preaching lying messages to the flock of Jesus Christ, and they
are still swimming with a fished tail!  God is showing them in black at the end of this once true fishing
Church who is seen today in black ... his huge black nose and black mouth preaching lies to the Red
Headed Woman Church who is making love to Satan, our vital enemy!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...

I have a witness to this message in St. Paul, MN., a land that used to be called, "PIGS EYE" until they
changed it to St. Paul in the mid 1800's. Notice the grey bear covers the eye of this Pig Church Nation
today and they see nothing of truth! This will hit this Pig Church and Nation with a huge surprise soon
and siddenly!

Prophet Paul ...
Pig head Chuch with fish tail