1000 Years At The DOOR
Jesus God
Notice left the two headlights of the car below the fire of
God showing "G" for Jesus God with the hammer in his
hand now bringing it down on the two Churches ... the
Catholics and the Protestants! The dark area left of the
Golden G for God, is the shadow of Jesus Christ coming
in to clean up the show the black Churches left behind.

Below Money Mongrel Dr. Mike Murdering Murdock
from the Assembles of God ... Goat Churches last night
5/20 2019 ... 5 + 2 = "7" Churches, he spoke a message
straight from the pit of hell to the people in this nation
from the
Assemblies of God...Goat Church in South
I listened to him for an hour to see what he
was saying and all the time I was listening to him he
talked about money and giving $1000 to his ministry of
This Bastard of Satan whose father is the devil, had the Assemblies of
Goats in a
trance to say the very least! Toward the end of what I listened
to him to see what he was going to preach to the people, as he began
talking about himself and money and turning it into people giving $1000.
so him, God would pay them back with much more money! Before I shut off
this liar from Satan, dozens of people went forward to him with money in
their pockets to give to this Satanic preacher of the last days ...
Dr. Mike
Murdering Murdock. God gave this man the right name for he is
Murdering the Church today Big ... Big Time!

While hell is being opened up on earth today, especially here in second
USA-lem ... storm after storm across this nation with multitudes of
Tornado's tearing down the
houses and businesses ... God is the God of
everything who created everything and did not run off letting everything
take care of itself! The people today call all this stuff, weather and etc.,
mother nature!

While God is tearing down houses and Churches and etc., Liar Money man
Murdering Murdock  tells the people to send in
$1000.00 so they can
pay off the money to the banks on their houses while God is tearing
them down

Left God shows this black woman Church of today from one of his fiery
volcano's, standing on Rock Jesus and the fire burning the gold she took
from Satan running out from her pants and going back to serpent Satan
seen below. This happened when this Church of Matthew 25:6-7 fell
asleep and had
Sex with SATAN Committing Adultery on Jesus Christ their
once  Husband
What nation on earth refers to Babylon? From the beginning of
time to today this nation of second Jer-
USA-lem the strongest
and wealthiest nation on earth ... is Babylon! The
"3" USA in
the middle of a nine letter word!

God in no uncertain terms is now in the process of tearing
down this
"3"rd and final Babylon ... second Jer-USA-lem! Left
you can see
"3" Tornadoes now in the process of tearing down
"3" Churches ... Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal.

$1000,  also ties into the coming in 1000 year kingdom of
Jesus Christ now at the door.
South Carolina where the
Assemblies of Goat Church preached this 1000 dollar message
from, God shows below in cloud form this Lion ministry of
today, yours truly.

God shows this huge storm a few years ago named PAM ...
which is also the name of my in home care nurse lady who also
takes care of my needs due to diabetes and loosing the use of
my legs and feet to walking.  
Twenty years ago I preached from SC ... South
for 30 minutes on long and short wave
radio telling the world who the first head of the
beast is,
Bill Clinton number "42" and that Russia
would nuclear bomb this nation which is now in the
process of taking place
. After I hung up the phone
from this 30 minute message, I picked up my Bible
to have it open to Revelation 8;1 that said...
"Heaven was silent for about half an hour."

Storm Pam seen left shows yours truly born on Leo
the Lion month of August "22" seen top left, and
above this Lion's face of yours truly is my human
face looking at you. Right of my face you can see
my arm reaching out to the capital letters
When the map people showed this image of the Storm Pam, they also put under this white cloud the
rocks seen under it. The bottom rock shows a finger pointing to this last day Prophet of God, yours
truly. Under my face and arm reaching out to
SC ... South Carolina is a rock shaped like a heart for I
have the heart of God peaching this awesome message today to the sleeping Church of Matthew
25:6-7 going down, and some into the pit of hell!

I was born year "34" added is "7" preaching today to the "7" Churches at the last hour! I was born
in a preaches family
"6" of "7" Children and I preach this awesome message today at the last hour
seen in Revelation 14 and verses
"6-7." Now I wonder who is the God of Numbers if not my creator
God shows left in another one of his clouds, yours
truly above preaching this awesome message to the
people below. Notice my two arms pointing down-
wards and my head also looking downwards praying
for the Church who went astray at the last hour!

Below this cloud of yours truly praying for the
Sleeping Churches, is another cloud picture from
God Almighty showing my in-home care lady pushing
me in my wheel-chair while I blow this awesome
trumpet message to the Church below! You can see
Pam left of my head wearing dark glasses as she
often does when the sun is out, you can see my face
looking downward to the right into the face of the people below
looking at me also wearing dark glasses looking upward. Notice the
sign of this last day Trumpet Ministry pointing downward.

Now closing this message I show you a large rock close to my old
home in the high wilderness area where I had lived for 28 years
showing the Church world in burned out rock form from Almighty
God what is happening.

I took this picture with a good telescopic Cannon Camera of this  
large Rock close to my old home while still under the name of my
first Ministry,
"Alpha & Omega" seen far right as this happened
maybe 20 years ago. I put this photograph into my Adobe Photo
section of my computer and seeing the message from Almighty
God, I drew lines around the images you see here and removed the
substance that opened up this message for today.
Far left shows the pretty face of the woman
Church talking to the black headed preachers of
today like the one heading this message. Right of
them is the first head of the Beast of Revelation ...
Golden face of Bill Clinton 43. Below Bill is the
second head of
"3" headed beast, the Texan
Cowboy, Bush 43. Right of Clinton's head is the
sign God is giving you today, golden haired head
of this Ministry with my hands in the air like first
Moses as parting the
red sea of fire for the
144,000 seen in Revelation 14:1-5 to cross over
into the Promise land of God. Notice I outlined my
name that goes around the golden woman
Church, the 144,000 that God takes out soon and
suddenly leaving the rest behind to be cleaned
up by FIRE! Father God is now tearing down the houses man has put up, by
his mighty winds blowing across this second Jer-
USA-lem nation now by
Almighty God and not a mother nature the world calls God!

Left are these black headed money preachers of these last days, as Murdering
Murdock is only one of the many black headed preachers today going to hell
who has deceived the Church of the last days!

Lying Murderer Murdock is seen below ... this Goat Preacher of the last days
talking to the fiery red pants lying devils today. Notice over their heads
is the Skull of a beast showing them what to say
and what to believe. Big black Satan is right wih
his mouth in the middle of the show today.

This Open Vision left given by almighty God in
one of his fiery volcano's shows the Goat
Church on the left meaning Judgment and soon
to go down into hell if they don't repent of their
evil ways today!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ..;
Above right shows
God spitting out the